Part II: Two Ends of Scale

“On that day, for the first time, an angel emerged from the will of God. Just like a human, he gained willpower. That day, fate was rewritten and something unthinkable happened. One of the angels fighting in the devil's lair betrayed the others. The archangel and all beings in that hell died with their souls melted. Everyone gathered in one body. The crystals used overflowed like buckets dipped in the river where their souls flowed. As soon as the crystals in his hand were filled with this power, he turned into the most powerful being on earth. He can be now both demon and angel. The two ends of the scale...” He looked at the other wizards, who were watching him in horror. Marleos continued, “Supreme Council, I hope you all understand the coming storm. The angel we are talking about came out of the library of Overion in the great desert. He knew that when he stabbed five crystals in his face, no magic would affect him. And he comes in this place. Comes to conquer even our will.” While Marleos speaks to the Supreme Council, he eyes to eye with every member of Council “I have bad news, brothers. I fought the face with five crystals. I lost half of my warriors. These three noble brothers sitting near me are witnesses.” He pointed to the three nobles sitting near him. They brought a cage to the middle. Here was a resurrected knight that Marleos will spoke of. With his face melted and rotten from demon magic. In his eyes were same as angelic magic, his brain was like being controlled. “The knight who died by the magic of the devil was resurrected by the magic of the angel. And it attacked us, my brothers. While the living fought side by side against him, everyone who died was on his side. Our loved ones, our brothers and my people... They are now part of the hive mind.” A great grunt appeared from the crowd, eyes looking around in fear. It was the night they heard of face with five crystals. A young knight stood up and spoke, turning to Marleos on the pulpit. “Wise Marleos you fought him, is there any way to stop him? According to you, we can defeat the enemy if we remove the crystals from his face. Or is there a different alternative?” Everyone was silent. They were looking at the man in front of them. This silence was interrupted by the howling wind. This is the sign of storm. Storm that Marleos knows very well. He looks outside of window and see the eye of the storm. And replied calmly: “There is no man can defeat him. We will ask him for what he wants.”

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