Plagiarism Impacts

Plagiarism is taken as a crime in many institutions around the world. This act has been condemned by many scholars claiming that it is not right to steal or copy someone's else work. There is a many reasons that make this student do it. But what is the main reason for this? There is no answer to this question. Some say maybe its because the student didn't know that it is illegal or they want to acquire easy success by using others work. Some students do it without knowing. But the law doesn't look whether you did it intentionally or accidentally, a crime is a crime. The punishment to it is very severe and many students regret it after getting the punishment. It might lead to being expelled from the institution or getting no grade. "In most serious cases, students appear at hearings behind closed doors" (Kelly Heyboer). Many authors have lost their names and value after being accused of plagiarism. It is a very bad and sad thing. I remember seeing one of my schoolmate doing plagiarism. She was told to write a book for a lesson in her class but she didn't like writing. She was forced to write the book because without writing it she wont get some points for the final exams. She had no other option, she had to copy and write the book. This kind of act was not good and I don't support it. She was lucky that she wasn't caught doing it. This is because some countries don't investigate or punish Plagiarism. She wasn't caught here but her days are numbered. If she does this again in another country that condemn Plagiarism, she will regret it. According to me what I could do to avoid Plagiarism is that I will write what is in mind. Believe in myself and my work. Be proud of whatever I write, do more practices and work hard to improve myself. Because what I believe is that what's yours no one can take it from you and their is nothing that will make you happy than seeing your work done by you. Even if its not good improve yourself, we learn from our mistakes. No matter how many times you fail, stand up again and continue from where you left. In a matter of time you will win. You will never regret it and you will be proud of yourself.

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