Prophet Mohammed said:"The person who sleeps full, while his neighbor is hungry and he knows, doesn't have any faith. " Ali Bin Abi Talib said:"If poverty were a man, I should have killed him. " Yes,poverty does insult the dignity of the human being. This superior creature. The master of this planet. If you are hungry you will not be able to do anything, you will be angry with everyone. The judge in the court, must not give any rule while he is hungry, because his rule will be wrong. And every place in the world has sufficient quantity of the basic things to every member of the society. It was said that:"If there is a poor man in the society, this means that a rich man has stolen his money." The responsibility of poverty is a social one, and it must have basic solutions. Whereas the real state is that:rich people are becoming more rich, and poor people are becoming more poor, so gap between them is becoming larger and larger. This is unfair, and very dangerous.

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