I'm so tired! I just tried putting an Instagram caption for the title! Today I expanded my post processing skills with multiple layers of duplicate photos with each layer being edited differently. Tonight I went even further and created some composite images using the Lightroom app on my tablet to select a moon photo then sent it over to Snapseed to craft the composite image by using the double exposure function. It was fun, it was a learning experience, and it was time consuming! It did increase my knowledge and ability as well as a slight boost to my confidence. Have you used any down time or slow time to increase your skills? The thing is, this quarantine period will pass, and most of us will go on. We can go, having improved ourselves. Or we can just kill time and leave without striving to improve. Yes, I hate these restrictions that interrupt my lifestyle, but they will not restrict my will to improve during this time! The photo above is my second attempt at doing a composite image. I have room for more improvement, but I'll accept advancing a bit at a time! #covid19 #phonephotography #tabletedits #writingcommunity

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