It's been quite a while since my last post here. I've been pretty active on Instagram @vauns_photography and on Uglyhedgehog.com @Vaun's Photography. Since my last post I've adopted an 8 year old Australian Blue Heeler or cattle dog πŸ•. He came with the name T'Challa which is an African word which translates as Black Panther. We decided that name was more appropriate for a feline 🐈 than a dog πŸ•, so we renamed him Ranger. He is a bundle of energy! And he loves to ride, usually in my pickup, but sometimes in my car πŸš—. He needs some training still, but he is learning somethings already. He has learned to wait, usually patiently, as I take photos on our daily walks, of which there are usually two per day. Some things he needs to learn not to do include chasing cats, chasing squirrels or rabbits and tracking scents onto the road in front of traffic. My wife says he's definitely my dog πŸ•, so, unless I'm sick, it's my responsibility to walk him and to clean up behind him. He stay inside a lot of the time, but he is able to go outside in our front yard during the day. Mobile Home Park rules require him to be inside at night. He gets to go hiking with me when I'm well enough to go. We're glad his part of our family now!

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