Riddle Me This

Why is it you hide? Surely you didn't believe that you'd slide without saying your goodbyes? “To what?” you might ask; to all that you have so forcefully coursed into the darkest depths of your being. Those goodbyes. And I'd favor in making the conclusion that, well, you've never really tried. But unfortunately you're obliged— If you ever truly want to make it out alive. Because there are only so many lies able to be told until your soul is crying out, “behold, I'm terribly cold and frankly, all alone.” Heed my warn, you will make yourself known continuing on the path with that pathetic show. I can assure. Because I'm the one with the front row view and the behind the scenes news in the life of, well, you. I'm stumped on the fact how someone such as your own could manage to stoop so low. Fooled to the point of delusion; Foolishly bamboozled. So proudly reigning over the phrase, “The only way is up.” It's a painful sight for me to see—you dreadfully foreshadowing that what you believe to be, is in fact, the key. But I'm afraid it's not. That place you call up isn't really up. It's down. And each time you kid yourself not, you're only digging yourself further into the ground. So why not prowl it all out now? 'Cause if you keep pretending that nothing's ever gone south, you'll fall of the map. Best put on your big boy pants to save your ass; I hate to be so crass. But I can promise you that no one else will go digging unless it's for gold and theirs to own. We can agree to disagree. Although, I'm sure you already know, that you're the only one who knows what's really been lurking beneath your surface and that it's surely not gold—yet. Maybe fools. But the part you've continued to leave out to yourself is the biggest Easter egg in this game we call life. And if it's a game of hot and cold you're freezing right now; secretly hauling to be thawed. “How can this be reversed, this curse?” You ask. Well, it's as simple as in the fact that you must to do the work. And eventually you will realize what you thought to be of the dammed, was your blessing in disguise and, in fact, the most magnificent of them all. But it's your call. Think it through before you chew 'cause it's a hard pill to swallow and there are more than a few. But I promise you that soon you will wallow in a muncher victorious tune. You see, all of the riches you search for have been with you since long before. It just so happens that some appear roughed out and others bling at first sight. Some you'll have to tend more than the rest but each holds a part of you that can't be bought and worth a ton. So, I beg of you, halt the blues and carefully attune because in this matter, I cannot afford to be misconstrued. You are what shines brightest when being unapologetically you. That's the truest of true. Bask in your worth and the rest will follow. I'll leave you to it, to meet yourself and find each and every hidden pearl that makes you, the youest of you. And you will soon come to realize that it never really was about tomorrow; only a role that was unwittingly presumed. So, Riddle me this: How much longer will you cower at your power to make anew? Sincerely, Your Helper from above.

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