I jolt up grabbing the darkness, searching for something to hold on to so I don't fall… Oh! It was just a dream. Just a dream… I reach over and turn on my lamp. The cold wraps around me and I shiver. The white ghost-like light flashes 1:36 at me. Yawing I get up and roll out of bed. The floor feels like ice. I shuffle out of the room and into the shadowy hallway. Somethings wrong. What is wrong? Brushing off the feeling I slowly walk down the softly carpeted stairs and touch the hard wooden rail to guide me. Silently walking to the kitchen I grab a glass cup and fill it with water. My breath catches as a hand slides across my shoulder. Shrieking I spin around and the glass breaks in my hand, the rest shattering on the pale cream tiles. The air chills and I feel a trickle leak down my arm. Thick red blood flows in a stream from my hand dripping on the floor, a splat sound each time the drop explodes on the glass and water covered floor. I snap out of my daze and quietly ask whos there.No response. Louder, I repeat my question. The only sound that responds is the echo of my own voice. I imagined it.No ones here. I tiptoe around the glass and flip the light switch, the color of the room sweeps into view. The mess isn't that bad. I rinse the cuts and blood off in the sink. Grabbing a broom I sweep up the pieces and wipe away the watery red mixture with a few paper towels. I head to the bathroom and bandage my small wounds. I walk back out and the lights flicker a warning that sends my heart into a quickly beaten drum. A tall black humanlike figure stands in an uncomfortable position. It flashes with the lights. Before I can scream it disappears. You're seeing things. That wasn't real. I just need to go outside. Fresh air is what I need, a nice walk. I go outside and glance at the forests of darkened trees with grey clouds looming over.Wait.I look again and a red liquid trails into the opening of the forest. Please no… But what if someones hurt..? I slowly creep toward the trail. I follow until it ends at a tall tree. The tree where 13 supposed witches were hung in 1731. A twig snaps behind me kicking my heart into overdrive. I call out.No one responds. Then something moves in the darkness. It comes closer. It's the black thing from my kitchen. I whimpered for it to please leave me alone. It's getting closer. What do you want from me I shouted. Still coming. I back against the tree and close my eyes. I count to 10.When my eyes open I see his face, red empty soulless eyes with a wide toothy grin. He opens his palm and shiny knife flashes in the faint sunrise. I'm going to die...

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