How do you feel? When you know you'd fit, But fate can't see it fit to let her find you. Then you go, Now remembering her, with his book of her truth, A chronicling of his past right next to you. When you have been together for like an year seemed like decade, Like the pictures on your phone! Like the way your heart wants what life won't give! Like the belief to be together but destiny planned something else. "Fate is Cruel, Fate is the Worst. Fate doesn't see WHO YOU ARE." Chances are dirt. Chances were never my thing, If I am the Blame, let me suffer and sacrifice until the candles ends with no flame. I don't believe in second chances and I never did, I'm not asking for another chance and I never will. Now A few feet away from her, She finds you, She looks at you, Surprising you, Shocking you, "She finds it amusing, your heart is so engulfed, So quick and then IT WAS OVER." What felt like an eternity, You'll never forget, The day she made you blush and smile for what seemed like a while, It was nice to be the center of her SPOTLIGHT for a few second smile, "Long to see her react to you, with an amusing bright flushing smile." Learned from the punches now, I'm never the same but this heart-breaker's cry will not be in vain. "Don't hate the player hate the game, And maybe next time there won't be a train." As fate is crucial so a fate I shall have, "I am the MASTER of my FATE, I am the CAPTAIN of my SOUL."

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