Tales of a young black man Chapter 1: Wake up calls

Although this is not my first venture into the online literary club this format is a tad bit more fluid than WordPress. To begin my online Tale I would like to give you a back story on who said young black male is. I grew up around white people all my life in south florida. All my teachers and majority of my friends were white. The last girl I dated for years was also white. I knew that the differences between us were apparent but I simply refused to acknowledge it.\n\n Through out my life I slowly felt as if I didn't belong. Outside of sex, drugs and video games me and most of my white friends had nothing in common. I was nothing like them and regardless of how long we were friends at the end of the day are differences effect my relationships. One of the biggest wake up calls was when I got was by one of my closest friends. I truly believe that at the end of the day Im just a black guy and the divide between blacks and whites is an large invisible wall.\n\n I no longer ignore the blatant racism or avoid the gazes of hatred or fear. In my primary profession I communicate with elderly caucasian people damn near every day. I frighten, disgust or insult certain guest simply with my presence. It's incredible that every black person or person of color understands completely yet rarely discuss the discrimination that they face. I have to be a happy go lucky clown at my workplace or else I'd end up being the stereotypical angry black guy.\n\n The worst wake up calls I have received are \"snow bunnies\". White girls that make it very clear they exclusively engage with black men. I learned fairly quickly that these types of girls think less of black men than openly racist bigots. To \"snow bunnies\" you are just dumb enough to keep her entertained. I assumed my ex found me attractive but when they say they love black men they love them all. It was a hard pill swallow when I had to admit that white girls will always see me as just another black guy at the end of the day.\n\n Besides friendship and relationships an incredible wake up call I have received is at my workplace.\n

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