The impacts of Covid 19 in my life.

In the beginning of 2020 we used to hear about Covid 19 very often. Different rumours spread all round the country. I was on the eve of having a marital vacation. Despite the fact that our government tried to defend the people from the pandemy the first person who has “ the virus” was defined in our country when I went on the marital vacation. When I was going to give a birth to my baby daughter it was hard to reach for destinations as the movement of transportation was forbidden. Finally, my baby daughter was born on 4th April. Because of the pandemy we hardly got the maternity hospital when my baby was going to see the world. At that time I can say that the only thing the country's medical system was struggling against was “ the virus”. For that reason having a baby during that time was hard for me. Undergoing that difficulty my immunity was low, moreover looking after my baby was also tough job for me. . I have a son and he was going to be three that summer and he was pampered when I was feeding my baby. I felt terrible pain on my body at that time. However, because of my naive character, when I felt better I tried to do house affairs, help my in-laws. I was so naive that I didn't look after my health. There fore, the problem on my health became bigger. It turned out to be mastitis. Time by time I felt difficulty of moving. Specialists said that it needed to be cut. Yet my mother advised me not to have cut it as, althoughit would recover it would hurt any time when it is cold. So we tried to recover it with another way we did different treatments. My mother helped me a lot to recover from that illness. Finally, I got recovered. Now it seems to me as a nightmare and I am a happy mother of two cute children.

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