The interests of my life

Hello. My name is Jeyla Osmanova. I am 14 years old and study in the 9th grade. Today I'd like to talk about one of my interests. I used to play chess, do gymnastics, studied English, Spanish (there're not my native languages). And know I want to tell you about one of my main interests. There are a lot of types of dance in the world: hip hop, break dance, different folk dances, ballroom dances. My favorite type of dance is the last one. There are different types of Ballroom dances, such as cha-cha-cha, rumba, paso doble, samba, jive, tango and etc. Each style has its own origin. My favorite style is samba, rumba , tango and paso doble. Samba is Brazilian in origin and there are many different forms of Samba dancing developed in Brazil, some for couples, and others for individual- solo dancing. Samba is one of the most well-known Latin dances. Paso doble has both Spanish and French characteristics. The steps contain French terms, but the dance resembles the nature of the bullfight. It is known as one of the fastest Latin ballroom dances. In some versions, the man portrays matador in the dance and the woman portrays the bull. Rumba is not just a mere dance with steps and standard accompanying, it is a storytelling. Its movements show the flirtation, the teasing and the ultimate connection between two people in love . I have been going to ballroom dances since I was three years old and now I am a professional dancer. I have a lot of certificates and medal that I've got from competitions. I love dancing, the way couples move on the parquet, the way you feel yourself after training. I noticed that even if before the lessons I am tired, then after the lessons I feel myself very well , i feel exited , full of energy and want to train even more. Also dancing affects my mood. Previously, when I wasn't going to dances I was very nervous because of my study, but now even if I have a lot of homework to do I don't get nervous about it . I feel, that I am able to do whatever I want and I feel very calm and happy. In my opinion in dance no matter what type of dance is this you should believe your partner. Also I think when you have some kind of feeling for your partner, not exactly love, maybe just sympathy , then your dance becomes sensual. In my childhood, during the training I and my partner always were arguing, used to bite and scratch each other. But when we were on a competitions, forgetting about arguments, we supported and showed attention to each other to win the competition. For me one of the best things in dance is that I am always in form, no matter how much I eat, I am not getting fat. But unfortunately in my country ballroom dance are not developed very well. So, when I'll enter a university in another country, I'm going to find myself a dance partner and increase my professionalism .

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