The iris war

The Iris war Chapter one Winds are whistling, trees dancing, hair flying, sun setting on this beautiful field; a field of iris flowers. How much more scenic can it be? I ask myself with my beloved gray by my side, his black lustrous wavy hair shining in a heartwarming way in this golden hour, his dark green eyes makes me feel like I am lost in a forest ,like i am trapped in his forest forever. With the palm of his hand he cups one side of my face , he gets closer to my face and whispers in my ear “I miss you”. I suddenly jerked back to reality and I found myself holding our photo which his little brother took of us that day. I put back the photo in my apron's pocket and I head to the kitchen to continue washing the fancy dishes at this fancy restaurant, just kidding there is nothing fancy about this ; I work here full time job because I couldn't find any other job or at least for now. “Iris” someone says and as I turn my head in that direction i see two men dressed alike in black focusing on me. “Oh shit” I muttered as I quickly turned around and bolted for the back door; I slammed it open and ran through the back alley and as i am running i can hear their footsteps loud and clear chasing me from behind until I reached the end of the alley. “It's a dead-end” they blurted. “Yes it is indeed your dead-end”, i say. Far in the outskirts, in a romanesque-style building with high gold-plated and carved ceilings;I forced the two men to lead the way to the right room; they opened a door for me and I was astonished by how spacious the room was , how big that crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a high quality ,thick, wine-colored velvet carpet covered the floor ,but the room was not the only dazzling thing here, behind a dark wooden antique desk stood a man facing the window with his hands clenched behind his back. “So it's you, huh” I said. He turned to me and I was taken aback by his good looks; He was very young for a leader only in his late twenties, that's what I thought. “So why do you keep sending me your men; I told you I am not going to work with you,” I said. He stood there silent for a while and then said “Do you want to keep washing dishes your whole life?”. “ If i want to, what's your problem?”. He kept staring and then said “ I just want you to reconsider my offer and think wisely; we will train you to be a better ‘portadora' so what do you think?”. “ a better what ...po...portador?” ; “yes ,but that's actually for men ,portadora for women; it's a term we use for people like you and now can you please remove your ‘hypnosis'? we don't use our powers on each other”. I thought for a while then I said “only if you stop them from following me around”. He looks at me with an apologetic face and says “yes, you are absolutely right.'' . I withdraw my powers and say “ Okay then i'll go now” He looked me in the eyes and said “Think about it” and as I was leaving the building I kept staring at it's walls, the beautiful sculptures ;it was exhilarating. Sun was already setting by the time I reached town so i decided to head back to my rented apartment. Beside my apartment's door there is a small wooden box that they put my new letters, bills,etc. In. I skimmed through my new bills “oh shit” I have debts from last month as well then I entered my house and five minutes later the doorbell rang; I went to open it just to find the apartment owner standing there hardly smiling at me “so i don't want to enter and i am not going to talk much i want the rent money right now in my bank account if you are not going to pay me last month's money and this month's money then you should just get the hell out of here already; I'll give you four days”. Read the rest on my patreon page

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