The life of quarantine period

Today, a dangerous ghost is roaming around the world. Even when he wanders, with his invisible hand, he is in the act of putting dust on the sweet souls of people. Not only the health of people, but also the global economy is deteriorating. Prosperity and development are full of noise day and night are quietly emptying one after another. These are the world and the unexpected scenes of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time in its history, humanity is faced with a serious threat that threatens not only its well-being and normal way of life, but also the lives of billions of people on the planet. This danger shook and confused the whole world. Even the First and Second World Wars didn't reach such a scale and didn't cover so many countries. The coronavirus pandemic... Unfortunately, this disaster is happening in today's era of development of civilization, globalization and transparency of borders, speed of actions. And because of this, it became clear that no country, even if it has strong progress and development, cannot guarantee the prevention of the spread of this infection in its territory. At a time when he whole world is welcoming the new year 2020 with good intentions, it is a matter of concern that no one looked at some of the news coming from China, thinking that it is "far from us". But soon this virus spread to different parts of the world. People were cut off from the world a certain period of time. It was also dangerous to go out of the house in order not to catch the disease. People could not see each other even in the family they had to keep a distance. This disease took people away from the world prematurely... Even in the last moments, they left the without being able to see their loved ones. The disease affected everyone, young and old, big and small. That's when we realized the value of our every breath. I remember, I was watching the 2020 pandemic rapidly entering the countries through social networks and I was worried inside. But I doubted that it would come in because of the good precautions in our country. At that time I was 17 years old. I was preparing to enter a higher education institution as an applicant. In March of that year, when I was returning home from extra classes, I read the news that the COVID-19 pandemic had entered to our country. Immediately, all the Uzbek people panicked after hearing this unpleasant news. From that day on, some "doors were closed" for us: shopping complexes, educational institutions, household service centers... In short, some places necessary for the society were forced to stop their activities. Many residents lost their jobs, and as a result, the source of income for families was also damaged. Hospitals were filled with patients infected with their virus. The threat of the coronavirus has not stopped anyone. It also affected the activities of applicants like me who are preparing for admission. Educational centers stopped working, everyone prepared by staying at home for their health. I also studied independently by myself. I wouldn't be wrong if I say that quarantine has been a period of constant study for me. As I could say, there was a big battle between my feelings and my prospects. I would have a wise, intelligent and experienced literature teacher. She is the reason for my interest in this field. Even during the quarantine, she conducted remote classes and did not stop training me. When the entrance exams were postponed to September, I still remember how I go to her to get advice and prayers before the exams. I passed the exam on September 10. We all eagerly awaited the results. In the meantime, I heard that my teacher was infected with the coronavirus. Her situation was difficult, but she did not lose heart. After 2 weeks, I got the results I expected, "I became a student on the basis of a grant!" At that time, no one was happier than me. I wanted to convey this good news to my teacher. But, unfortunately, my teacher died due to illness. On the one hand, I felt joy, and on the other hand, I felt sadness. I will never forget those days. The coronavirus has taken away our loved ones. It has been 3 years and the poisonous wind of the coronavirus is still blowing. The pandemic period taught us to be patient, take care of ourselves and those around us, and pay attention to health.

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