The little virus that destroyed everything

The world around us collapses, hard to watch it without a movement. This little thing took all the great things, taking peace, taking the Tranquility, He took love from above the earth, to feed him hungry soil The pain that comes out of the windows of the houses is no longer Endurable Slave silence cross-predictable, does not stop the red signage, there is no one crossing the street .. Noise and screaming trip to another place .. Where did he go? In the middle of hospitals, screaming and stacking, Breathlessness came out with difficulty, tired of trying This little thing did not know that children should be happy but he choose them too, did not know that older people love to be remain among they lovers, and he takes them from their sofas houses, did not tell him anyone that young people have big dreams, They are trying to reach it, And he takes them before they arrive. My friend mother's died and no one come to the Solace but her, she told me that when her father died, the strangers who were walking next to the house come .. When her father died and he has a name, her mom become one of the numbers، she can not deposited her without distance, Do not Treat her wound. There is no longer a importance to the feelings of the loss, anyone can't stop to touch his grief, fearing to be moved by the infection .. I stand on the edge of the world .. I do not know that it would be terminated but if that happened I want to fall first. Because i can not seeing that destruction.


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