The Person Who Inspires Me The Most

In our long and challenging life, we often feel the necessity for people who understand our feelings and motivate us when even our parents and friends cannot, there will be times when we try to escape from everything and begin a new life, nevertheless, there are some people who encourage us not to quit even though they do not know us, never seen or heard of us, and for me, the sources of this inspiration are legendary Eminem as well as his hypnotizing songs. He showed us that even a poor guy with a drug-addicted mother can conquer the world with his music. His main traits I found impressive are strong perseverance, firmness, and supportiveness. Marshall Mathers, widely known as Eminem is a rapper from Detroit who is going to be 48 this year. Despite he lived with a drug-addict mother and did not feel support from his father who left his family before he was born, he became one of the best rappers in history. In his childhood, he even did not have a real best friend. In his lyrics, he often recalls his youth memories saying everybody used to tell him he would be no one in the future, however in reality everywhere he went they had been playing his songs. Just because he was weak and white, other pupils frequently bullied and harassed him, once a kid named D'Angelo Bailey broke his nose taking all his money as he stated in the lyrics. After poor childhood, he could stand up and broke through and dominated all the charts with his songs. Likewise his childhood, his adult life was full of hardships too. In his verses, he mentioned he did not know how to be a good father, as he did not have one; he only tried not to follow the footsteps of his father. He showed us that deep inside he is a good man after the many scandals with his ex-wife Kim, admitting the mistakes he made and could not be with her daughter Hailie when they needed him most due to his career and moving to another city, but he always thought about his daughter and tried to give her the life he had never had, he could do everything to see her smile. Similarly, he also attempted to be a nice husband, after assaulting the man who was with his wife and protecting her, he ended up in jail. Apart from that, he is not afraid of saying what he thinks and this prominent factor attracts thousands of fans. He caused a lot of controversies and debates because of his straightforwardness and accusations of the government and other celebrities. He rapped even Presidents of the USA Donald Trump and George Bush because of racism, immigration, corruption, some laws, the Iraq War, and the Secret Service investigated him twice. In his last album, he criticized the gun laws in America and sang about the shootings in Las Vegas concert a couple of years ago and called people to care about the laws and vote against guns exampling several school shooting news. Eminem inspired plenty of popular singers and rappers with his charismatic career and supported them with duet songs. For instance, Ed Sheeran admitted he was a fan of Eminem since he was a kid and he always dreamt of singing a song with him and now he has collaborated in 3 songs with his idol. Moreover, once he said the only reason why he is still singing is that somewhere in the world some kid might be learning his lyrics looking in the mirror, and he does not care about anything else. In terms of awards he is one of the most successful singers ever, he has won an Academy Awards, 15 Grammy Awards, and numerous other accolades by international and American music organizations, with 220 million sold records he is one of the most-selling music artists eves. He is often compared to Elvis Presley as they both turned the music genres found by black people into the world style and became the best one in those trends. As a coin has two sides, Eminem has some bad habits too, such as inappropriateness of his songs for youth and women because of profanity; verbally harassing women a joke; blaming his mother for everything, and nosiness to politics as I wrote earlier. But I want to get only positive characteristics of him like stamina, determination, bravery, and supporting the rising talents. Whenever I feel depressed, I remember him and his struggles and it motivates me to feel better and stronger, I feel that a father-abandoned weak boy with a narcotic-addict mother became the best rapper in the world, why cannot I be the best in my field with my loved ones? I also want to help young talented people who need financial or moral support in the future just like him. He is a live proof of how great people can be if they never give up and do their best. “Everybody has goals, aspirations, or whatever, and everybody has been at a point in their life where nobody believed in them.” I believe you noticed who said this quote. Above all, he is just a musician and does not even know my existence in the world, yet he is the person who encourages me to be the person that I dream.


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