The Pleasure's of Prudence

Prudence trembled with fear. When the clock stroked 10 she knew she couldn't wait any longer. She put on her cloak and walked out into the night. Shouting men and crying women ran raged with fear and anger around her. She kept her head down and kept forward. She had only a few more blocks to go. "Prudence! She heard a familiar female voice calling her name. It was her dear friend Beatrice. Beatrice, who had red curly hair and had been her friend since childhood. "Beatrice, oh am I so glad to see you!" She embraced her friend in a long and loving hug. "Prudence, where are you going at this hour? I thought you were leaving with Roger tonight?" A look of concern crossed her face. "He has not yet returned from Bob's Tavern. I'm headed there now to see what happened to him.... " She looked at her friend now with concern. "What are you doing out so late?" "I went to check on my mother, and found myself staying out later then usual." Beatrice was married to a man named Alonzo and her mother lived alone. "You should really have her move in with you and Alonzo." Prudence had been telling her to do this, but for some reason she would not. "I know. I know. I just haven't been able to convince him yet." "Okay," Prudence said with her hand on Beatrice's arm. "I'm sure it is for the best." Beatrice looked up and smiled. There was a moment of pause between them, and Prudence blushed. She quickly removed her hand. "Oh, I really must go now!" "Of course!" Beatrice kissed her friend on the cheek and hurried off in the other direction. Prudence steadily walked on until she finally made it to the tavern. All the lights were off inside except for a few candles burning. "Hello, is anyone here?" No one replied. She heard some commotion coming from upstairs. She walked up the long dark staircase where she heard noises coming from inside one of the rooms. She got closer only to hear the laughing and sounds of pleasure coming from the inside. She quickly opened the door. There on the bed inside a very naked Roger and woman were sprawled out. "Roger!" Prudence exclaimed. "Oh my god, Prudence!" He replied when he saw her. He pulled himself out of the woman he was with. Prudence walked closer to the bed. "What are you doing? I thought we were supposed to be leaving town tonight." Prudence was very confused. "I know. I'm so sorry. It's just I had to say goodbye to Helga one more time." Helga waved. "Want to join?" She asked. "Helga!" Roger exclaimed. He turned to Prudence. "I'm so sorry Prudence." He started to gather his clothes. We can go now if you want. "No, no, no," That's okay. She looked over Helga's body. She had very large breasts and her legs spread open seemed very inviting to Prudence. She then walked over to Helga and kissed her lips. Helga then began undressing Prudence. Once she was undressed she got on the bed. She began to slip her tongue in and out of Helga. Roger joined them and together they enjoyed each others company. The next day Prudence stood in the kitchen making breakfast for Roger. She stood over the hot stove and sweat dripped down her next and small little droplets fell between her breasts. "Something smells good." He said walking into the kitchen. He walked up behind Prudence and lifted her skirt. He then knelt down and stuck his head between her thighs. As she scrambled the eggs he tickled her inside and rubbed all of her sensitive parts giving her ultimate pleasure. Afterward, they sat together at the table enjoying breakfast and playing footsie. "I have to go see Beatrice today. She thought we were going to leave town last night, and I want to let her know were staying." Prudence stated sitting up and starting to clear off the table. Roger sat up to and wrapped his arms around Prudence's body. "We can still go if you want to," he said kissing her cheek. She pushed him away. "No. I want to stay now. If it gets any worse by weeks end then we will leave." "Alright, whatever you say my love." He went into his room. Prudence knew he would be sleeping the rest of the day. She got on her cloak and a basket full of muffins for Beatrice. "Prudence!" Beatrice exclaimed when she opened the door and saw her friend. She gave her a giant hug and then they went to sit in the parlor. "I brought you some muffins." She handed then to Beatrice. "I don't want your muffins!" Beatrice exclaimed throwing the basket out of the way she hurled herself onto Prudence. "Oh, I've always wanted you!" Beatrice shouted and then began kissing Prudence. Prudence couldn't help, but feel a turned on by this. She kissed Beatrice back. "What about Alonzo?" "He wont be back till night." She then lifted Prudence's skirt and began licking between her thighs. Prudence laid back and felt all the thrusts of her dear friends tongue make her wetter and wetter. The End


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