The thief in the dark

I had just a chance to make this work, and I failed. I couldn't stop the tears as they flowed down my cheeks. I couldn't believe she was gone and I was all alone. Sitting there on the floor of the hospital, my mind went back to the past three months when my sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I tried everything I could to raise money cause I believed that I could do something to help but no doctor was willing to help after all a deadly pandemic had just gone viral and a cure was yet to be discovered. All I could hope for in a hole of darkness was light at the end of the tunnel. Our family doctor, Mrs Astrich had already told me that the only thing I could do was make her happy and comfortable as she spent her last few months with me but I rebuked her words because my sister was my everything, the only person I had left to call family. I began working multiple jobs and even entered a contest to raise the money but there's wasn't so much I could get on such short notice. It was a cold Wednesday when I walked in to find her private room empty. I called out to the nurse who rushed in to inform me that the patients on that wing had caught a hold of the covid-19 virus. A deadly illness spread life wild fire throughout the globe, that shuts down your immune system rendering you defenseless to other minute illnesses. I couldn't believe my ears. My head began aching as I clutched my chest due to the unexplainable pain from my shattered heart. So many questions ran through my mind. How was she going to survive it? Or was this really the end of the tunnel? No light around, just gross darkness? The nurse led me to the isolation center where they had been moved to. I gazed at her from outside the confinement chamber. I couldn't even recognize her anymore. Her beautiful brown skin turning grey, her eyes sullen into the sockets,she looked like a ghost of her previous self. I wished I could go in and give her a hug and reassure her that it'll be ok like she did me all those years ago after mum died. Her eyes met mine and she tried to give a small smile to encourage me that she was fine. Every memory of times we spent together flooded through my head and I wish I had listened and moved her home to enjoy the last months of her life cause if I had she won't be here dying like this. After Dr Astrich explained that right now they couldn't try chemo or any therapy because of the covid-19 illness we just have to get ready to let her go. I nodded quietly as tears rolled down my cheeks. It seemed like the world had turned its back on me. Sitting on the floor with the flask of her favourite dish, seeing her wheeled to the mortuary I was sad beyond measure. Now I knew the rumours about the illness were true, like a thief in the dark it had taken the only thing I truly cared about.

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