The third world war with an invisible enemy

“Massive Bushfires”, “Veronica and Dorian storms”, “Floods and Inundation”, “The threat of Nuclear War”: these are all 2019 headlines of the international mass media. Clearly, the number of natural disasters has been rising, but the situation in the international political arena has also been hyper charging (heating up). Demonstrating military, political and economic capabilities, declaring sanctions, closing consulates and viewing these actions as a means to an end, to achieve domination, economic independence and prosperity. All of these news items, however, were firmly eclipsed by the emergence of coronavirus (Covid-19) at the end of 2019. It is no secret that the very first appearance of this virus was in China, to be more precise in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province. It changed everything from leading more and more people to obesity to the way we visit our grandparents (using those devices with the screen). The initial hypothesis of the cause of coronavirus was linked to the genome of bats. Nonetheless, it is still not apparent what the source of the very first case was. Nevertheless, there are several main conjectures in the air, ranging from the bats and bananas to the conspiracy theories. “Everything happens for a reason”. When you think about this statement, it becomes horrible and formidable. But still it is impossible to reject and forget this statement. Are not all these present challenges associated with coronavirus linked with people's boundless belief in their strength? The majority of the twenty first century's generations started to hugely rely on modern technologies and mistakenly believe that they are the creators of the nature and of the whole world itself, forgetting about God. In addition, moral decadence can be traced in correlation with the loss of traditional values. Some may argue that they are atheists and there is no link between these phenomena, a theory which, like any, has the right to exist as long as there are those who believe in it. Considering the ideas listed above I believe that one of the ways to beat this virus in the present moment is to encourage people to lend a hand to each other. I personally hope and believe that we can overcome all these difficulties and obstacles. But the real question is, “what is the price of a such victory?”. This ailment has already claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands people regardless of who is acting as a bulwark against its spread. Undoubtedly, the lion's share of onus is on the shoulders of doctors and medical staff, and they can be fairly considered as heroes. The only action that we can take at this moment to support these heroes is to abide by the Government guidelines. In addition, being more kind, polite, sincere and open to collaboration, especially now when all have to unite, can also be considered as a retaliation against the virus. In reality, of course, this is a vast oversimplification of the issue. However, the united people with the same, good purpose is a massive power, far stronger than those who are alone. By way of conclusion, I understand that this is clearly a problem of such complexity that no solution is likely in one day. However, it is by no means insurmountable, and I am convinced that we can stem the tide of this virus. Admittedly, this piece of writing is not about to change something in a global scale, but the reader that looks through this work may think over the ideas listed here. Be nice, bring love during these unprecedented times and the virus will be overwhelmed by the amount of honour that Earthmen possess.

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