The Visit

The Visit Sitting at the end of the kitchen table, bathed in early autumn light, while in mid-sentence, I wasn't the first to notice. Spinning around, she was behind me, outside- in the garden. I was startled by her dignified presence and splendor of her size and color. Perched on the wrought iron gate, not even ten feet away-but with glass between us, she surveyed. She reminded me of a tall, russet-haired woman, I once knew, with stately features, and a strong posture. But this regal creature had feathers, not hair- and stealth talons for stability, and survival. For a lifetime, we stood- frozen in admiration, tinged in awe. We watched and waited, as she watched and waited, with one unblinking eye, like the silver silhouette of her cousin. Then, with warrior wings, the young female floated back up to her home, in the heavens. But not before this red-tailed hawk, had seemingly glared deeply into our eyes, in order to capture every one of our souls.


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