This is me in all my glory!

I am C.A. Staff, the author of September's Child. I was the unwanted, unloved little girl. I realize everyone thinks at some point in their life that they were unwanted , or unloved. I really was! I was taken from my mother at age 5. I was placed in a foster home then. I was adopted at age 7. That adoption was finalized at age 8. My biological mother still lives. I met her in July, 1984. I foolishly believed that she would love me. She didnt. She agreed to meet me out of curiosity. She wanted to see how I turned out. May, 2010 my adopted father passed away. His death hit me much harder than I expected. My adopted life was far from being a happy life. My adopted father was the only person I had that actually protected me. He cared, but he did not love me. It was after his death that I decided to get serious about writing September's Child. I have always had a love for writing. This is the short version of my biography. The long version? Well, it is September's Child. I ended up self publishing my first book after 4 literary agents deemed my story unsaleable. September's Child sold over 20k Ebook copies in the first 4 months of its release. It is still selling 4 years later and has sold in 9 plus countries. Since the writing and publishing of September's Child, I have found out who I was at birth. I embarked on a journey to my past, where I revised those September's Child days. I took two DNA tests to figure out who I was before my adoption. Finally, at age 55 I know the full story. My story! This is who I am, who I was, and what the heck happened. I was born Dabney Rae Meyers.

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