Thoughts to the Rasta Man.....

Babylon promises Many riches and fame, In Reality Babylon seeks to make you a slave with no name. Those who don't repent……..below him get sent. Eternal separation from Jah………… But to him who ask forgiveness and be sincere. Show love… Him be rewarded from up above…. Life is difficult, life is no game….. Many twists and turns life will make…. Stay in prayer and hold on the Holy promises for goodness sake. Before the judgement, it is appointed unto man he will surely die. But if he be forgiven then him will make peace with Jah, say I & I…. Meditate pon scripture and ask for wisdom and peace of mind…. If you love your brother and sister, then the same will be returned in kind. Life is like a battle, life is like a war…. Life is full of sins , these iniquities come from Babylon cause she is a whore! King Solomon was the pinnacle of wisdom many examples are shown….. You must study scripture for the manifestation of prayer to be sewn…. But those who ask for wisdom, Jah freely give. If You accept the Yeshua as Messiah, than eternal enchantment and forever You will live. Study scripture to show thyself approved…. Ask the Holy spirit how best your vessel can be used…. Towards the end of your life, your life starts to flash before your eyes….. Everyman that is born, it is written that he shall surely die! 400 years has bought many tears of pain…… For 400 years many things seem to stay the same… Policeman shoot an un-armed man and then he walk free…. The Justice system is the law of the land….. ust remember Brederen….lies and wickedness come from Babylon! You may choose to partake of the Sacrament and let your soul go…. I'd rather partake of the Pen and paper and lets my thoughts flow…. Yah! Yah! Yah! Sometimes the pressures of life gets me down….. No one to talk to when I look around….. Rastaman I come to you for fellowship and advice….. You give me wisdom and charge me at no price…… Him who seek Knowledge, Jah will freely give……….. A man needs spiritual sustenance for him to truly live………. Misfortune and adversity seem to be a part of life….. Calm your soul Brederen, and don't let it cause you strife….. I ponder these thoughts as I walk down the street……. Look! I see the Rasta man! How do I know that's him? Because of him dreads and the Sceptor of Solomon in his hands….. Peace and Blessings,

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