Tint of Rose

It was a normal day, nothing out of the ordinary. The sun was shining and I could hear laughter echo the hallways. I remember laughing as I walked in the room only to have the breath leave my body when I laid eyes on you. In a traditional sense, you didn't look like the other people I had laid eyes on. Still, without even knowing your name, I was drawn to your beauty. You radiated an innocence I wanted to wrap myself in. Nobody else in the room existed-- until I heard the person sitting romantically close to you laugh heartily. Oh, how I wanted to be that person at that moment. I had to know, so I asked the person standing next to me "who is that?" My heart did a somersault when I was told that they were nothing but a friend to you. I thought then that you were the one for me-- and I was right. With you, I learned that love shines a light so bright, it is powerful enough to break chains in the darkest abyss. You showed me that I was the key to releasing myself from a mental prison. That I could love without guilt, without falter, without losing my heart. You took care of the wounds deep down within me and showed me that scars can be beautiful. You took barren land and grew a beautiful rainbow of hope. What was once black was now a tint of rose that shone on my heart. And for that, until the day I become nothing more than dust, I will forever be grateful to be blessed by the imprint in my life with your name on it.

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