A river flowing without a final destination, but though with a direction. A paper marked on by various personnel with antagonistic marks .From then I ask myself who am I? Who have I been? Who do I want to be? , where do I want to reach? What is the reason of my existence? What should I write in my file, and in which way should I do it? My life was blank lacking a map and a compass. One day a friend of mine told me that not even a single product of an industry is manufactured for nothing. Then I a human being more valuable than an industrial product how can I be purposeless? I never wanted to know who I am. Whenever someone could ask me to describe myself, I could only think of my name that even I never had a chance to decide for myself. I was being in a boat directed by my family, friends, and different instructors according to how they saw me. By then everyone drove me where he/she was pleased with, but up to that moment I had never got my true happiness since I was being challenged by everyone due to my failure which was caused by being aimless. Luckily enough, my actions took the first step to confirm inevitably who I am. I acted like someone who knew who she is, but talked as if I am an unknown, but I remembered that even when we were in primary they used to ask us that ‘' one minus two is equal to…..?'' but the response was impossible and it was correct at that time but the higher I keep increasing my studies the more I get the concept up to where I know that now one minus two is not impossible but it is equal to negative one, yes! this declares how my life was like actually, I was thinking that I can't reach at the highest point but really ignoring that what is impossible can be changed by how I grew up, instead I thought that I can't have any positive effect on what was done. That was the fixed mindset that I was having . Later I came to realize that values are principles or standards of behavior, one's judgment of what is important in life. Life without values it isn't life at all. Normally, I believe that hard working is the best value since it led to success. ‘Work so hard that one day your signature will become an autograph'. This quote holds a lot behind its meaning. Since the people whose signature became autograph are the people who have spent most of their time working hard to reach where they wanted to be. I believe failure can be caused by giving up, even if you can be a hard worker without any strong decision you can end up failing. what I have seen is that many people give up because they tend to see how far they are going and not how far they have come. That is why I will never give up on things I have started, and head to finish the race. Success is a vehicle which moves on a wheel called hard work but the journey is impossible without a fuel named self-confidence, due to lack of self-confidence nothing will be achieved at all, because if you are not really proud of what you are doing and what is really happening to you ,eventually you fall down because you will found that many people will be against you since you are also against yourself. Furthermore, my characters influenced my hope and dreams, as I am an ambitious girl who like to put into consideration her goals ,and finally after achieving my goals I do not stop my journey because I have desire to reach far and by this I have to do my maximum so that I can touch the crest of my destiny. Many people when they failure they think that their life is at the end, but this is not true because failure is the best lesson to achieve your dreams; regardless of many challenges I met with I kept pushing myself, this is because I have agreed that ‘'failure is success when we learn from it''. I have a greed that I am going to be a bridge of change for others who still have confusion of how they can develop themselves because what I put first is to develop others regardless of our differences, and I belief that through passion everything is possible that is why I will use my Passion to color my future and hence design well my flag by neutralizing negative mindsets. Let all people know how grateful I am due to the changes I am going to make. I want all people to have a will of breaking the cycle of poverty, working hand in hand and hence better our communities and those who don't have that feeling will be inspired by us. Start from small thing which is ignored by many, you will see how huge your yield will be.

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