Tuesday Wishes

Some days things go wrong, some days everything goes right Some days are silky smooth, some days put up a fight When things go haywire, and the day goes you know where It's not a curse or your fate; nothing so unfair It's not the day's fault, either, it's how the dice rolled So, no need to get bent out of shape, and appalled Take it with a grain of salt, as the saying goes Ride the waves with a smile, through the highs and the lows Call me naïve, but I feel each day's a blessing I'm a stubborn, hopeful fool, since we're confessing Follow my lead, lean on love and hope, you'll be fine If you need divine guidance, look up, there's your sign Clouds or not, the sun's  up, aglow, and full of grace Choose your path, stand tall, walk proud, grateful for each pace

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