Victim of virus

Chapter 2 By thinking about them, doctor remembered not calling her only daughter for a few days, because of more and more patients every day. Her daughter is only 12 years old but she is more clever and thoughtful than her friends. She can do everything by herself and she is independent. May be, since both father and mother are busy with work all the time, the life made her to because independent. Her mother is doctor and spends most of time in hospital and father is mititary and his time is not accurately. The country is first place for them than family. That`s why he has very little time with her daughter. For 2 weeks Sadokat Khudoyberdievna hasn`t been home because of quarantine and the daughter has stayed with her father futhermore, he also was at work all day, so it can be said she has been alone at home. Thinking about this, the heart of doctor begins hurting and she takes phone to call her daughter but nobody is answering She phones again but no answers she takes. She begins to worry and has decided to call her neighbours, but she doesn`t manage… -Sadokat Khudoberdievna hurry up, we have new serious dying, she is very young and is breathing hardly. She is in emergency room now. Be quick. The heart of doctor hurting stronger and she feels something bad, she runs to emengency room. As she entered the room, the legs of her can not step, she can`t believe her eyes, in real don`t want to believe her eyes because the girl who is lying is . is her sweet daughter? She has been weak, her twinkle eyes have been withered, her facewhich always smiles hasbecome pale as ghost's face, her red lips which never tired of speaking has got more blue due to strong ache, she is trying to say something to her but as she has breathing apparatus, she is not able to do it. The doctor is under panic, she doesn`t see anything or anybody expect her dear daughter and doesn`t hear anything, even explanation of nurse: -The girl is 12 years old, her condition is severe. She called ambulance on her own. As she said, her parents at work and for 3 days she has been alone and can`t do anything for her. After checking her, the Coronavirus is identified _______ Doctor find strenght to move her legs toward girl and hugs her and bursts into tears: -My sweet, sorry me, not to care you, apologise your mum for leaving yourself alone, forgive me for not being kind, mum, forgive… The girl tried to take of breathing apparatus and said: -No. mum. you mother in theworld. I`m .not upset. You are.not guilty. It is ..our destinity.don`t cryplease. Promise meafter I die. -No honey, never, say this word. You live long, You`ll recover soon, I`ll cure you, don`t say like this -Mum! I know.please don`t cry afafter I`ll diefight against the disease. I love you The girl closes her beautiful eyes slowly, she looks like sleepy princes, but she is not sleeping. She has left the world which full of disasters, The sound of apparatus warned everybody about her death -No. my sunshine! Don`t leave me, please, don`t go, you must live, you are right to live , not me. I`m guilty, I can`t care for you, please, don`t die please. The mother is whipping as hugging her daughter, everybody in this room can`t stop crying. It`s very dark How much time is gone, nobody knows. The voice of one nurse breaks silence of room. -Sadokat Khudoyberdievna,The mom of the guy who died today in serious position. Somebody, told her about her son`s death. The doctor wipes drops on her face and kiss her sweet daughter last time and goes to next task of her. She managed to save the mum`s live. In the morning she goes to room of guy`s mum to chech her helth -Doctor, it is useless for me to live without my son. I mustn`t live because I couldn`t look after him enough to keep him from virus. I have no willing, no strengh, no cause to live. -You are mother. It is essential cause to live. You must live to keep your son`s memory. You must live to motivate other mothers, you must live to defend disease. -I can`t do these. You can`t understand my condition. Did you ever lose the most valuable thing of you life? -Unfortunately, yes, I lostmy diamond- my daughter yesterday. But I must live to do her last will and I try to find strengh to live and do it because I`m mother.

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