What EPS Is All About

Entertainment Podcasting Sports (EPS) is a podcast about streetball and more. I started the podcast with streetball stories because when I saw the show AND 1 Mixtape Tour, the streetball players were exciting and amazing to me. AND1 Mixtape Tour is a traveling basketball competition. It was my first time seeing streetball on television. The streetball players looked as if they were playing more freely on the outdoor court than on the indoor court of the NBA. It looked like a whole complete and different and more exciting game. I saw the players and more of their talent. I saw their talent more than I would have if they had been playing on the NBA court; playing by the rules of the NBA game. So why didn't I just name the podcast Streetball? Well, I did at first, but I knew that I would run into a variety of history about talented people in sports. I find some athletic people have the ability to play different sports. If you would like to hear the show EPS, go to https://www.spreaker.com/show/eps-streetball

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