What Is More Deadly, A Gun Or A Thought?

What is more deadly, a gun or a thought? Perhaps not the gun. Because a gun just gives you the opportunity, it is the thought which actually compels you to pull the trigger. - With the same Gun, a 'thought' of using it for professional shooting can get you medals for you & your nation whereas a 'thought' of shooting someone can make you a murderer and bring humiliation. - A gun has limits whereas a 'thought' is limitless. THOUGHT IS POWERFUL. - A 'thought' that he could conquer India through Russia led to Napoleon Bonaparte's worst ever defeat. - A 'thought' that something had to be done to pause the 2nd world war led to the atomic bombings of two highly populated cities and caused huge destruction. So yes, a thought is more deadly because it is the reactant, rest all are its products.

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