What's happening Brother?

Days and nights continue to get rougher and tougher. It's no wonder people got to keep strugglin' and scappin' to survive. People eatin' noodles strugglin' to survive. One bedroom Apartments downtown cost $995. Gasoline costin' 4.29… meanwhile judges givin' brothers all kinds of time. Things seem to look pretty bleak. Our economy is stalled And unemployment has yet to peak. The housing problem in America is out of control. I know people personally who have slept out in the cold. What you say Uncle Marvin: “Makes me wanna holla and throw Up both my hands”. God's brought me from a mighty long way. I can easily remember when I did not have a place to stay. I feel God's Hand upon my life, despite the turmoil, adversity, and srife. To be a scribe is my mission in life. If I am obedient, then He may give me a prosperous life.Maybe even send me and understanding wife… I'm flesh and blood just like any man. My days are numbered like an hourglass filled with sand. My life is guided by our Creator's unchanging hand. There are times when I'm disobedient and separated by sin…I've accepted The fact that our Savior is mankind's eternal friend! Though problems and conflicts continue to exist….with prayer and patience we Will persist. Insight happens to be my greatest gift. Inspiration and encouragement for humanity, I use it to lift. 50 million without benefits and health care. These days working a job without Getting laid off is rare. Politicians pushing taxes up, up, up….the president spends 87 billion for war like its tea in a cup. Young Black Men dis-respecting their elders showing their underwear instead of their pants…..(will our ball club win the pennant? Do you think they have a chance?) A Deranged maniac shoots up a movie theatre and another shoots 6 year- old children at their school. Why Lord are these evil men allowed to roam the face of the earth like fools? The morals of society have gone down the drain. If we are not careful we will Receive prophecies of wrath and pain. Are we now upon the Apocalpyse and have the bowls of wrath been poured? Poverty and hunger is on rise yet the prosperous continue to hoard. Do people know the meaning of character, respect, and manners anymore? Or has this world become rotten to the core? “I've been running up and down the line…I wanna know ‘cause I'm slightly behind….the times”. (Marvin Gaye-“What's Happenin' Brother” 1971)

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