What triggers the toxicity of African environment?

WHEN TIME COMES...won't a matchstick set the forest on fire and suffocate the dwarfs of the jungle suffering from dementia? Questions 1. Who authored this piece of writing? 2. State the type and genre of the text. 3. What was the writer's goal? 4. What factual information do you know about His Excellence Magufuli? 5. “Politics is a dirty game” justify the statement in about 100 words. 6. Give the meaning of the following words as used in the text. (a) Half-witted (b) Ostracise (c) niche (d) fashionable (e) underrate (f) avaricious (g) oppress 7. Construct two sentences with each word as stated in question 6 above. 8. In about 250 words explain why it's imperative for the youth to proactively get involved in the political welfare of their own countries.

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