When I see the sky

When I look at the sky, I do not see a universe being friendly to me because at that time, I stand out of the world of material prosperity surrounding me to imagine the world where the beacon light of humanity has turned into the twilight of devastating terror. At that time, I see my wings being cut by the ever-lasting knives of injustice, I hear the noises of crying mothers, voices of children fighting against poverty and hunger and see the faces of leaders who died for change. So, I have to gather my entire courage to see the sky as it always turns out to be a fearful situation. My dawn happened to be in a small country in South Asia where grades are important but creativity is not. However, I am not the reflection of my own community. I have a persistent aim to grow my creativity in Physics but I do not know where my strong current of desire will take me. So, when I see the sky, not only the beauty of twinkling stars hit my eyes, I also see an infinite collection of matter expanding every second. When I see the sky, I see the space-time making everything relative, the moon and satellites as my destiny, and the cosmic radiations transmitted by every stellar object but some questions confuse me like what makes so many stars attach as a single galaxy despite such low gravitational force? Then, when I get the answer to my own questions, I get mused and question myself what makes people afraid to choose fields like Physics where many things are still inexplicit? Does everyone fear with the fear itself? Don't they get support who dare? Also, I question myself, why is society making me believe that I cannot discover new? Then, I cannot answer my questions and feel down-hearted. So, my encounter with the sky isn't a mere vision but an encounter to despair and desolation. When the sun begins to set, the red color appears. When I see the sky at that time, the red color is agitated in my eyes and a new image is framed in my mind. I see the red river of blood originated through the crooked desert of politics and formidable faith over religion. I see people dying for their rights, being shattered for their freedom, paralyzed by the whirlwinds of disparity and their family crossing the doors of the judicial court to beg justice. I see some protestors who stake their life for others but are threatened in front of the law. Then, I start to mumble, the sky is not friendly to me. When I see the sky at night, I see eternal darkness which has even touched the mankind. I cannot differentiate that darkness with the inseparable problems of humanity like the problems of refugees, climate change, poverty, hunger, murder, rape, political dominance, water scarcity, etc. They revolve in my mind and I get staggered again. When I see the sky, I look at every star and realize that they change their brightness, position and habit every time. This makes me conscious about the fact that the world is changing all the time and we must embrace the change to withstand the inconsistent humanity. Yet many people do not have the heroism to try new and we are still bounded by the orthodox believers of society. So, when I see the sky, I have to compare a billion numbers of stars to the billion numbers of people and conclude that if there was a single star shining between the dark sky, the sky would not be as beautiful as now. So, every time I see the sky, I do not only see the little white dots on the black background; I see the whole world adjusted between my eyes. Unfortunately, that makes me sad, as I have to compare it to the darkness of mankind and adversity of this world. Then, the sun rises again with a hope that there will be a new beginning and the darkness will be banished by the power of light. Every day I get a new inspiration that the sun alone can defeat the eternal darkness but the fearful situation appears again. Again, I see the misery of humanity and the darkness that has touched our world but I cannot do anything except making my heart as heavy as the cloud. So, my relationship with the sky is a deep relationship that makes me realize that someday I will have to stand on the battlefield for change.

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