Who the hell are YOU?

Hello guys, how are you? I think you are fine(away from that little thing like sticky ball). Guys I will tell you a story on one condition, don't call me mad, agreed. Okay then, we can start. I was very happy on the first weeks of lockdown, as days passed, it sucks. I was just like Ant-man who is inside the atom, no love, no worries, no need for time, just paused. "Lockdown? What the hell is this?" my first reaction was like this. First weeks were awesome, woke up at 11 o'clock, brush my teeth, a cup of tea, newspaper, breakfast at 12, scrolls on YouTube, lunch at 3, again tea at 4, at terrace gazing sky for hours, have a film on my lap and go for handsome sleep. This was my cycle in accurate motion till 10th July. But that cycle was disturbed that night and made a lot to change. After the usual night film I was sleeping with my eyes open at the ceiling fan. It was all quiet except my grandpa's snoring from next door and sleepy murmuring of my sister left to me. Hang on! What's that? Oh! No! Someone is knocking hard on my well build chest inside. NOoo! It must be the tricky brain, I know late night, hangover of the wizarding world(Harry Potter movie). Okay cool, the key is to concentrate. The knocking speed increased in every micro seconds. At the next moment, three things happened at the same time. One, someone just jumped out of my heart. Second, my watch cried out an alarm as it turned 12 o'clock. Third, someone wished me "Happy birthday". My body gave a sudden shiver(not because of fear). A similar figure like me was standing next to the mirror of wall cabinet. "Who the hell are you?" I wanted to ask but nothing came out only some air. He just looked still and said as he read my mind,'"I am the one who lived inside you." pointing at me. My jaw dropped involuntary. I have just straightened from bed and sat with crossed legs. He walked straight to my study table and pushed all the things on it and found a comfortable seat there. He began,"I am here because I want to tell you something." "Er.. " I gaped, but he didn't want any response from me. I was like in front of that FM radio. "I remained quiet for 19 years, haven't said any word in any of your actions, this time I am here to break my silence and show my protest against your immature thinking and doings?" he started to play with my smiley ball. I felt like something heavy in my stomach. He continued without paying any attention to my feeling,"I will ask you some questions can you answer it?" Again he didn't want any answer but I started,"wha…wh". "Who are you actually? Where should be your destiny? What is your plan for it?" he asked all the questions in a breath. Hearing the questions I thought it is simple. After a second I found I have no answer for his questions. "I know you won't have any answer for my questions, so I will tell you are nothing but a teenager with a blank idea about your future and its path, Right?" he finished with a fishy grin. "NO"I cried out which made my sister to toss up. "Wow! I haven't seen this much confidence and hardness in your voice, neither in front of that stupid girl nor in front that answer sheet." I said with nice grin in his face. I turned from black to red hearing that 'stupid girl' term. "Be cool boy no need to race the temp, it's true" he stopped for a moment and again started. "I want to tell you something short but most important I am not requesting to hear it but I want it to be followed by you" he gave a serious look "First, boy you have got that guts to challenge anything, don't always go with the flow only by putting stress, can attain change." I looked straight to his eyes said,"I will always try, you know." He gave another smile and said,"You are not, trying your best, give your best try." He started to play with my books,"Second, take that girl out of your mind, and focus. The key is to concentrate." I know, but I can't every time when I try to focus she just fills my mind, and...and" I said in a weak voice trying to find suitable words to complete my message. "There is nothing she can do in your life it's over boy, leave it as it is, there are a lot more outside" he just flicked on eye and continued. "Thirdly, upgrade your present skills, find out your hidden potential, come out of your comfort zone, only by that you will get more established, relaxed comfort zone." "And finally I won't come again to warn you, if it happens it will be your END." After these words he looked around for second and just skipped into my heart. What the bloody hell was that a dream. I thought about the questions he asked me and the points he made to make me realize what I am actually. I want to change. I want to upgrade myself I know I never tried to upgrade my potentials, I am always happy to go with the flow. I have wasted so much time behind that pony tailed girl. This is the time to Change. Thanks a lot Mr 'Who the Hell are you'.

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