Why I hated doctors.

This happened on 2007 when started with the gagues in my ears and i wasnt being goth or rebellious, it was because of my uyger/ tibetan/sherpa dna on my bm's side of my dna. I was just keeping my cultures alive and saying fuck you to the chinese army for being in tibet. Yet my doctor Dr. O at the time said i was stupid and that they needed to be removed. I found this racist and excuse the term -retarded. (Fuck i hate that word) i did not take the fuckers out of my ears instead i keeped gaguing up. But because this i lost respect for doctors and white people who are docs. Boyh doctor and mother finally gave up and i kept me ears the way my ancestor wanted and added some priecings soon that fucking quack had to go into retirement because of this. Now i have my current quack.

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