Yng Tsina ampopa ing Rusya (China and Russia) (Chapter 1-5) (Part 1 of 2)

Yng Tsina ampopa ing Rusya (China and Russia) (Chapter 1-5) (Part 1 of 2) (English Version) I. February 2022 II. San Fernando Train Station Museum III. China and Russia Sculpture IV. Metiorite V. My meteorite sculpture _____________________________________________________________________________________ I. February 2022 February 2022, I remembered one of my sculpture, I need to retrieve it, Before it might be neglected- I hope not. February 2022, I will get my sculpture at the San Fernando Train Station Museum, It has been to long it stayed there, Fully air- conditioned, Protected from dirt and moisture. February 2022, I remembered one of my sculpture, It is composed a Robot couple of War machines. One man and a woman, Both are riding on a gigantic Mechanical Robot Scorpion, The title of my sculpture piece is “China and Russia”. February 2022, I will retrieve my Sculpture piece at the San Fernando Train Museum, I need to get it because there is construction on going by the Philippine National Railways. I shall get my artwork- My sculpture might be have been transferred because the Museum's storage area has been removed. My sculpture might be scattered elsewhere, Stagnant, Full of dust, Exposed to the rain and rays of the Sun. II. San Fernando Old Train Station Museum Himpilang Daang-Bakal ng San Fernando, Daang bakal, Mettalic road, My English, I am being funny. My artwork is there, It is, I consider it as- One of my Major works, One of my major works in sculpture. III. China and Russia Since we had an Internet, I always Google both of those countries. Just like the Philippines, They are all located in Asia. Since we had an Internet in our place, I have the luxury to visit many places- Including these two countries. The C.G.T.N of China, The R.T. news channel of Russia, Various websites and Youtube channels, I always watch them, I keep on tracking on what is happening, Regarding their plans and agenda. IV. Meteorite In Kapampangan Language, “Taklang Batwin”, And if translated in the Filipino language- “Tae ng Bituin”. In the English language, “Star Shit”. Since I gained access through the World Wide Web, I let myself indulge to various online discoveries, Just to satisfy my bulimic curiosity. I virtually researched on various pebbles and rocks, Their patterns always fascinate my childish soul, That includes their texture, composition and color, There came a time that I started to collect pebbles and rocks, Especially Metal Ores- Sediment with various mixture of metals, These include magnets and meteorites. Maybe it is because that I was a sculptor, That is why I love their texture, I observe and trying to know their toughness. V. My Meteorite sculpture Three years ago, 2019, MY mom visited the San Fernando Train Station Museum, I was not with them, She is with my younger sister, And my nephew and niece. When all of a sudden, When they have had arrived in our house, Without informing me, They retrieved my artwork- My meteorite sculpture. My mother told me that she retrieved my work, because it was just lying around the museum. I told her that maybe my sculpture- was properly taken cared of. And maybe, there were other works- that are presently on display, “no”- and “ there are none”, My mother answered. It is because the guys, from the Philippine National Railways, had stated their work there, She added. That is why I finally decide, to bring back my Russia and China Sculpture.

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