Zero gravity

I did not think that the light spring breeze could turn my grey life into a raging typhoon carrying destruction and loss. It was my first and last love. Heartbreaking April has come. Despite the start of this warm and calm month many dream of its fleeting except me. By "many" I mean lazy people who are of the opinion that knowledge is not needed and it is just a waste of precious youth. Yes, because of the different views and goals of living I never found a common language with my class which led to the complete collapse of my trust in people. If you do not accept the fact that I'm a boring nerd and to a small extent suffer from social phobia then I'm the same ordinary girl with her secrets, complexes and skeletons in the closet.When I see people walking towards their dreams I almost cry because, unfortunately, I do not have a dream and have never had it before. My only talent is most likely to fantasize about something that will not happen in my life exactly but still people keep saying that dreaming is not harmful. And if someone touches on the topic of personal life and tells everyone about his or her half there is a feeling of pity for this person because now people look only at the reputation. To be honest, butterflies in my stomach have not yet flown, I think, there are even no caterpillars at least. Every day is monotonous and colourless. Sometimes I want to fly up and experience the flapping of wings and freedom, break the shackles and decorate the picture in colorful spring tones. This course of events would be repeated to this day if he had not intervened. The hurricane that attracts and makes my heart tremble and beat harder to the beat of my feelings. It all started with the wind of April...

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