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Life is full of ups and downs but isn't it beautiful how the charm of both depend on each other? But here I am, to make all days interesting by writing more and creating a twist in the mood of readers. I hope you like my work and of course I hope you feel comfortable to view things from my angle.

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Sep 30, 2021 2 years ago

Life is a never-ending sequel, while, survival still remains a priority. Doomed by circumstances, we are possessed by the circumstances that arise at different milestones in life. Rather than struggling to erase stress, why not face the situations boldly and continue walking on our path smilingly. I would like to propose a different perspective. To live a meaningful life, only one factor requires for a fulfilled life, apart from destiny. Just consider a neutral person who never feels any offence. We always come up freely in front of the neutral person. Reception is a great act. If achieved, we can create the simplest form of life and wonders. But, do we truly agree with our every flaw? Pause for a moment, and imagine a wonderland where our strengths are impartially loved with our blemishes. It might be true that one of our negative behaviour, maybe two or more, be responsible for the hurdles that we are facing today. But are they just to be fought? A simple solution can change the scenario! Why struggle harder? We're not habituated to see things equally; always a part is high or low. When we adore our negatives, we define fairness within ourselves. Whether a strength or an imperfection, we are well-acquainted with the problem in front of us; indirectly, because we are well-acquainted of our nay behaviour as the root cause of the problem, plus, we are charged with the solution that which of our positive behaviour can erode the negative one and hence defeat the challenge in front of us. Accepting ourselves not only makes life simpler but also allows us to decide our destiny. -Pranali Vira Mind is a big puzzle, which can be solved only by its creator. Mind understands its own language, that could only be interpreted by the language-maker. When we evoke a desire within us, mind starts rationalizing. After comparing the pros and cons and eradicating the disturbances, the mind instructs us towards our desires. But, is that what we really want? Life is not only about choices, but also about satisfaction and a feeling to create our identity. Our mind substantiates in a fraction of seconds when we fight against that atonement needed to prove things right. If this energy of our mind is channelized above the materialistic things for something more precious, "A HAPPY AND PEACFUL LIFE," then we would be someone who lives even after death, a self-sufficient person. Being abroad minded person ain't easy! The society remains a challenge but to what extent? Well, if the true talent of an individual rises in a state when they whole-heartedly seek for an aim that gives them inner joy; an aim that is purely their own and not made up of worldly desires, the communal-challenge vanishes and we give a hope to petty people who might independently shift their usual perspective. Not to mention, keeping the thoughts we have been fed, right from childhood, still in our lives, doesn't create this leap of being "US!" Choose your time to begun moving towards what you feel, rather than staying influenced. Thanks for the read!


The Power of Words

Sep 30, 2021 2 years ago

Our lives are profoundly impacted by the Latin word "COMMUNICATION" (meaning "to share"). We are separate from all other species of ecosystems because of this process of "Sender-Medium-Receiver;" through graphical or verbal communication. Does that really sum it up? Or are we just a speaking and hearing entity? That's absurd! EMOTIONS & THEIR ROLE Despite being invisible, emotions play a critical role in communication. Many people don't realize that communication is more than just their ability to exchange thoughts. Globally, people are more attached to a range of feelings that are a result of reactions instead of formal, non-responsive dialogue. Even the chat screen on your smartphone includes emoticons that can help you deepen your descriptions at that particular point, or, better yet, to involve your companion in your world of thoughts altogether. Communication ought to be strong when people are on the same page. This is attainable only with equal involvement. Just visualize a person saying “I won!" with an uptight expression. That's not very logical. For listeners to experience the winning feeling, the words "I WON" should be delivered with genuine enthusiasm. The listener must feel that our expressions are revealed vaguely. This pragmatic communication can occur only if we rivet our feelings. The indifference of not-just-being a speaking entity starts with us. EMPHASIS ON FEELINGS Sharing our true feelings is important for a healthy relation. Communication always comes with an aim. The speaker is well aware of the topic but sometimes, when the speaker isn't well pioneered to express their thoughts, a void stays between the speaker and the listener. This void might be unhealthy for any relation, may it be professional or personal. Efforts should not be made for conveying; they should be made for explaining. More communication leads to a better understanding of the tactics of communication. Gradually, we become familiar with various reactions of the listeners, we become amicable with the possibilities of the mindsets of the listeners. The only secret to avoid any confusion is to describe the complete idea in our mind with rationality. Verbalizing just to empty our hearts can't be fruitful without maintaining the decency to take the loved one throughout our mind journey. Our intentions, whether to make one listen or whether to make one understand, hold into account. OUTCOME & LISTENING There's a long string of thoughts when we convey our story; the replies, the reactions and the latter's emotions are taken into account too! This creates a path that doesn't involve only one topic, instead, we walk together discussing many other points of view different from the aim of communication. Aggressive reactions are expected but interestingly, people can have opinions we haven't even considered! A brimming glass of thoughts squeezed into juice can taste sweeter if everyone's on the same page and equally reactive, regardless of a heated communication. We the best communication comes an involved Listening. Each eye has its sight different from everyone, so is our thought process. People wander away in the forest of words amidst talking. To stay in line, listening is crucial since our time and energy deserves to be channelized into productive communication. This is not just limited to communication. This leads to greater discovery, the listener himself! His reaction defines his feelings and indirectly defines his vision and his mindset. Words, however bold they are, they are never a struggle. If everyone takes the whole discussion empathically, the day ends fine. Expressing with details, without fearing the reactions in return, would never create a negative environment. The more you are free, the more you grow! Let your voice reach their heart, not just ears. May you be heard without saying. Please feel free to write your point of view in comments below.

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It was good in 2019! The day when the first glimpse of this terrible news came, no one had judged, that how dangerous this was going to be till today. This story, is my story, about what was pandemic for me and what I had to go through. It was November 2019, I was working at my job. They spoke about the news that whether it could spread or not. I had just joined the gym, so even my gym trainer told me about this new disease named, “Corona.” I always wanted to make something huge in my life, and my job wouldn't let me do it. Because I had some issues at my job, I had given a resignation letter in March. A few days later, the cases in the whole of India started touching the peak of the sick crowd; due to the outburst, Prime Minister ordered for the complete lockdown in the whole country after two days of the peak. With country lockdown and Corona disease, I felt fallen into a pit from where I lost all the hopes of coming out. I found it difficult to ask my boss to ignore my notice period and grant my resignation because the company were losing their clients due to inefficiency in the pandemic. Out of humanity, I thought to support the company. There was a curfew in the whole country. A city like Mumbai was silent for the first time in ages. Streets that were barking with traffic and horns were now desolated. Unfortunately, the company wasn't able to pay us our desired salary. We got paid even lower than half of our salaries. I sat with a fraught face, wondering what to do next. I motivated myself with pragmatism. Finally, I took a firm decision. “Sir! As per my resignation notice period, please allow me to leave this job. I cannot work with low salary.” Finally, became jobless with a brave mind to fight another battle again. I started laying down the pointers which prominently make us an ideal progressor. Our persona becomes the first impression that headways our career. I worked to improvise my personality, communication and gesturing attitude. It took a while, but that was my big leap after which I saw myself as completely novel. When the mirror spoke for me, I re-joined the baby footsteps who loved writing. I recollected a loft story abandoned many years ago from my laptop. After few months, I started my own business and wrote more. Soon, I published my first novel. It took uncountable efforts to work in the lockdown period. Along with work pressure, came the scary news that said one thing, "the city is in danger." Live images of dying people, misery in the hospitals and the daily count of new COVID cases captured the minds. But belief was the only word that kept me growing, and aplomb was the only key to perform far better from my job in my business. I started hiring people, but I never quit being a learner. Someone said it true, "We never know what we are capable of, unless we are forced in a critical condition with no option, but to fight." Gradually, I became the author of three novels. My family felt noble. Pandemic is tough! But all we need to do is survive. We need to decide, whether we want to survive by bringing the solution to problems or we want to survive by crying over the problems. Think the best, and leave the rest!



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