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I was born in Hwange and raised in the City of Kings and Queens, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The last pair of twins in a family with six children. Talking is a weakness so hopefully writing will be my control and since it can be time consuming and tiring it forces me to get straight to the point. I enjoy talking with people of all age groups on subjects that cause them to think critically or move them. Since you can never have an audience for subjects that you want to discuss, writing is a good escape. Your thoughts are preserved and can be improved on even when you are gone. I also enjoy reading(well, I try), singing, learning new things and problem solving. I have worked in the Retail, Finance, Mining, Advertising and Insurance industries. I am very imaginative and believe in inspiration, "action upon realization". I enjoy writing on personal experiences and convictions, and sometimes subjects people ignore and at least I think they do. Because of this I'd consider myself a critical thinker! Again, that's my thought. Hope to enjoy the benefits of sharing my writes. My hopes and dreams revolve around making a difference where "I am" as a professor, motivator, innovator and fullfilling my God given purpose.


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Just Try

Jun 15, 2018 5 years ago

Our greatest disappointment is not in failing to achieve our goals, but in failing to start them. \\" Anthony Foya's status read.\n\nMy head rested on an oasis of wealth and I didn't know it. Has that ever happened to you? You wake up to an idea you once had. It's brilliance causes the bottom of your belly to fill with butterflies. Your feet feel like running a marathon. Your mind races through time to an award winning ceremony. Your eyes race across the faces of those that doubted you. Your hair stands up at the magnitude of your imagination. Your tongue flickers with the desire to express the excitement rushing through you.\n\nIt doesn't end there. It takes you to another dimension of your own imagination. When one day you are like, \\"let me jus knock\\", you know the first expectation is you'll meet the Disappointments. A discouraging family with their children Why did you bother,? What did you except? Told you so! Fear, Disappointment and Lol. Or you could meet the Desires, children, How can I grow?, Need to train!, Need help! Praise, Faith and Dream bigger . The possibilities of who will open the door is not a probability game. It is emotion based and a mental decision, whose identity is finalized by expectation.\n\nWho we meet in life is a product of where we want to go, how much we believe in it and the amount of effort invested. Everyone has had that experience that only required you to believe in it one day longer, to push it one mile further and that person to make it one pixel clearer. That unexplainable source of energy to push you to work even more when your body would obviously give up. That faith that makes you believe more than a psychologist would deem healthy. That dream whose expanse is not limited by the immediate.\n\nThe actualization of success is the mobile dream at it's infancy, it's that blueprint only beknown to it's architect and those that can read it. It's the foundation and cornerstone to the bricklayer and the nursery room to newly weds. It comes to life at the first step of action despite the inervitabilties. No pain is forfieted, no possibility neutralized all mental faculties grind fear and doubt to fine dust allowing all dreams undeniability to remain the sieving basket.\n\nToo true as we have seen that the taming of ambition is the beginning of aging and sorrow. Dare to dream, dare to live, dare to make a difference. Do not submit to fear or doubt, it's neither healthy or productive. I am not going to tell you about how you'll make it if you try and give it your all, but even when it doesn't work, you will know something today that you didn't yesterday. You will gain more than you give . You lived, rather than not. Trails create room for experience, experience carves patience and patience a hope that knows no shame.\n\nGot an idea to make a difference? It is not the difference that we see at the end that will resonate change. It is the impersonation of the end that hastens it's arrival. What are you wanting for? Step #1 \\"jus try\\". Your choice to wait, is surrending your seat to one who has nothing to loose. Jus like you there have never done it before. Unlike you they'll know the difference.\n\nExtracts from \\"conversations with my future\\" by pmm2030

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What do you think?

Jun 07, 2018 6 years ago

I always worry that my thoughts are just echos of what everyone already thinks. At times I feel like the only one who doesn't know that my epiphany is a kindergarten rhyme, \\"You are different, you are special\\" and a little act to it\u00A0. Despite that, the adventure of literature is not discovering what people did not already know, it is the art to see it differently. The mind is made to reconstruct each letter come word with its artistry into what the author sees. From the introduction to the conclusion, you see what is in parentheses. An extended point of view. \n\nAll form of literature is peotry. it is not the art of short hand writing. Rather, it is the ability to captivate the attention of the reader to the point of belief or to question the thought on discussion\u00A0. The reader desires an even further dialogue with the author, either through in person or a further read,\u00A0 for each word penciled is more than scholarly punctuation and flattery constructions. It is the mastery of one's mind and the hope to relate to one of a similar kind. It is the fearless exclamation, \\"I am different, so what!\\" or \\"I like blue berry muffins with a cherry on top!\\"\u00A0\n\nIt is true not all thoughts appeal to the entire world. We all gravitate to certain subjects only to the extent to which our minds are made to believe this matter is worth, reading, sharing and revisiting.\u00A0 Apart from that, the introduction is enough to either put you\u00A0 off or make you consider taking a cup of tea while you read.\u00A0\n\nSo what is the point of all this? The ability to author on any matter, is\u00A0not concertrating on things that \\"matter\\", but is realising the value of matter. Each distinct atom has an entire narration of subjects of life's matters simplified by the study of matter. So when you have an epiphany, do not question how the reader may perceive it. For if you delude yourself in that manner you will miss the point, and retell the tale of Snow White, the way we know it. Tell it the exact way you see it, from the dwarfs point of view. No, the story doesn't change, rather an explanation of how they met is introduced. \u00A0 \u00A0You will not only experience\u00A0\u00A0the joy of seeing pen commune\u00A0 with paper, but will realise the depth of God's manifestation through the simple use of the mind.\n\nFor in the honest and simple apprehension of a matter is that antique we daily walk past, whose value we realise when you show us what your eyes see. Real\u00A0discussions are lost at the fear of self expression. Delusion is a one sided conversation. After watching a movie in 3D, your facial expression\u00A0 will change, your eyes dialate, your hand grip the chair. Anyway that's my point of view, \\"What do you see?\\"\u00A0

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Men vs Women: Created jus like you!

Jun 01, 2018 6 years ago

Men, respect women, respect her as your own, she was created from your bone. That through you, she might enjoy what the Father created. Not to question why she is hated. I am not an advocate for equal rights, m just asking for us to use our minds. You weren't there when she was created, apart from the physical , you have no idea what was added. There's no question you are the head, but did u know with her wisdom your wealth can spread. M not speaking on equality and control shares M asking u to give her love, what the bible not only commands but she deserves. At first sight you were the one to say hie, And celebrated her existence, because you understood that she came from your side. Promised her love she had never seen, even took her to places you had never been. Today she owes u for the joy in her life. If u are doing so well why are you always ranting about getting a wife. I understand where all this could be coming from, the garden of Eden That case was closed, the Devil is already beaten. M also disappointed about what happened back then, what made it worse, u blamed the woman and failed to be a man. If you open your eyes, she is the rib from your left side, the one that protects your heart. So before you act , that's were throughts ought to start. If you can't do that and u need a clue, Just go back to beggining and u will see that that same woman , was created jus like you.

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Falling in Love!

Jun 01, 2018 6 years ago

Falling in love is almost inevitable. Staying there you surely would need something credible. Love is not the sunscreen to the scorching rays of heartbreaks and pain. It is the complexion of sacrifice fear and pain cannot conceal. If you fell out of it, you'd know the end is worth falling in love again! Love is not absence of pain it is a muslce we work out. It is not magical, it is deliberate! Falling in love is like meeting someone you like for the first time, choosing to keep them as a friend is considering all the actualities and possibilities against all odds is knowing that love is deliberate to survive! Falling in love is no more than a metaphor for a successful silent manifesto. The decision to vote is affected by what the candidate decides to say. The preelection is dating. The term of office is courtship. After the presidency now marriage is all the benefits of dating and courtship without having to make anymore impressions. For your service will determine your end. Falling love is like sky diving the first time. You know the risks. Despite the fear you jump. No not that kind of jump🙈. You jump eyes and arms wide open. Every force of air interacts with your body to keep afloat. You shake a bit and need a little help here and there. But you remember the training you got. The ground looks so beautiful. The fast heart beat is calm. You're alone, but you know you're not. Everything and anything is possible after this. The fun always looks like it's about to end. The ground gets close, this is it! You pull your parachute to ease your landing. From here you focus on the mark which is your end. How you land will determine whether you will do this again....and because you now know how. You can do it eyes closed. Such is with love there is trust! It is daring despite the fear....despite the distance. The future is clear, you see the mark! It's like learning to ride a bike and falling at the same time, regardless the size and without a helmet you keep going back and trying. The scars are evidence that this is not a feeling it is destiny. The odds suggest you quit, you understand the quest is not to impress them but to nourish your character. Once you have it. You don't loose it. You may fall again, but you remember how you overcame it....secrets to turning dating to marriage and keeping it alive....love fails not! Lastly for those that don't have bikes but own a horse. Wild horses are hard to tame. No whip can tame a horse better than a horse whisperer. All rage disappears at a gentle stroke of it's jaw. A hug as though to assume the horse had a soul weakens it's rage to obedience and submission at the command of gentleness and kindness. Even under such radical change there can be only one rider. The tamer! Such is with true love it tames the wildest heart and gives it to no other apart to it's whisperer. It never stops loving if it's not galloping it's trotting. Love overcomes all and is patient. It reasons even to the wildest of hearts....

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