Biopage Storytelling Writing Contest


We live in the age of social media. It is everywhere around us, mostly pictures and videos.

To communicate with clarity and depth, nothing is better than the real language, with words. Writing skill is essential to success in life and career.

Biopage is hosting a writing contest to remind people the benefits of writing. Each story (or once chapter of your stories) is limited to 5,000 characters or roughly 1,000 words.

We are still in this COVID-19 pandemic. You as a writer should write down this once in a life time experience of fighting the deadly virus. Tell your stories in words and pictures: pantry inventories, window views, workout routines, neighbors helping neighbors, homeschooling activities... Or more dramatic: fighting the virus yourself, sick family member at home or hospital, treating patients as a healthcare provider, dealing with pain losing a friend...

But you may share your story with other subjects, not limited to the pandemic. You can write about good life experience, or bad, embarrassing, frightening ones.

Pick your best story to patriciate in our storytelling writing contest.

You can win $300, and five runners-up can win $100 each. (We decided to change the prize amount and award numbers, because we received so many excellent essays and wanted to give awards to more writers).

How to enter:

  1. Register for an account at (or download and register on iOS or Android app).
  2. First complete your profile, write a bio to introduce yourself.
  3. Click “Update”, and post your essay there. Please include a title and a picture or video. Use "writing contest" as one of the tags.
  4. On a computer copy the web address of your post, come back to this page, and click “Enter the Contest”, and paste the web address of the post.
  5. Share your essay with your friends, ask them to like and comment.

The winners will be determined by the quality of the writing, and the votes by other users’ likes and comments.

The contest is open to anyone from everywhere, every country, every corner of the world.

The current contest ends November 30, 2021.


Subscribe and stay tuned.

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