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Ferghana, Uzbekistan

Rustamov Elyorbek was born in 2001 in Ferghana city. i study at Tashkent State Economics University.


Nov 26, 2021 2 years ago

At the end of 2019, new type of virus came to our life by making the world come to a standstill. Most of people were in shock and minority of them did not care of coming this new type of virus which is called Coronavirus. About 4 months later, it spread all of the countries after appearing in China. It is said by many scientists that coronavirus came to our life because Chinese ate pork while others thought because of consuming regularly bats. From my point of view, it was invented by people with the purpose to decrease the quantity of human beings because on earth a number of people reaches more than 7 billion individuals. In this essay, I would like to say how coronavirus influenced to our life. To begin with, 15th March of 2020, unfortunately, coronavirus has been noticed in the territory of Uzbekistan and in my country started quarantine, so many places were closed and strongly were prohibited to go out from home, even meeting with close people. Everybody was in fear because it started to kill number of people. Then, students began to study online and sport games have been suspended At the beginning, most people did not show any objections for just staying at home and doing things which they like, quarantine gave them a privilege of gathering around the family table and having heart to heart conversation. Because of their jobs and studies, they were rarely together and could not devote needed time for each other. Unfortunately, it was prohibited to visit relatives even going out of home. But as time went by, many people started to run out of money which led to protesting to the government. As a result, there were conflicts between government and society. After 2 months, coronavirus spread across the regions of Uzbekistan. Everybody was ill from that disease and started to die especially older and disabled people. It even killed healthy individual despite on efforts of government to save their life. Many people lost their closest people. And thanks to my government because it cured all patients absolutely free so far and lost noticeable money. As time went by, many countries started to help at each other with humanitarian aid which leaded to strong friendship among them. Furthermore, during quarantine days many types of sports stopped such as World Cups, Continental Qualifiers and even Olympic games 2020 which was going to held in Tokyo. Those days apart from it most of people stayed at homes and could not earn for a living because they were afraid to be affected by virus. But, it did not last long, in November 2020, coronavirus killed more than millions of people despite on it, many places were begun to open such as: markets, restaurants, shopping malls and driving cars was allowed too. Then, students began to go to schools or universities. It was pity that some of them were educated not so well because of online lessons which they did not enter to lessons instead they worked in the streets to earn a living, so they had to keep up with passed lessons. Finally, vaccine which was promised to be invented by our scientist came out after many months, but it was dangerous to human`s life. May,2020 the folk of Uzbekistan started to vaccinate by doctors as well other countries and it helped many patients to recover their health not only in my country but as well as in other countries. So after vaccination our old life partly returned many places opened, people were allowed to work in their office, sport games started such as Olympic Games which was missed by many people, but people were not allowed to watch it in the stations. Nowadays, our old life is returned everybody lives with enjoyment because most of individuals are vaccinated but yet, quarantine exists in most of countries. For example: People are wearing masks in the street as well in work and many places usually is being disinfected. Moreover, many sport games are taking part in the competitions and fans are allowed to enter and watch the games by keeping distance. I hope, in the future this kind of scary stuffs and events never happen and every individual will have opportunity to live happily.

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