I am a high school student and I am trying to reduce my stress by writing short stories. I am looking to write about some of my emotions, some of my experiences or even just make up a funny story with my creative imagination. I am really excited for my future and can't wait to see where this will take me and if it doesn't take me anywhere then at least I did it for some experience.

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How it All Started

Jan 19, 2018 2 years ago

I had finally just turned thirteen. Being the youngest in my friend group was sometimes annoying. Kaylee had turned thirteen six months before me, and then Raquel turned thirteen three months ago. But little old me was just turning thirteen. After cheer practice I was just so tired and I just wanted to sleep but then my mom came in and said that I had to go to dance today too. So much for that nap I was going to take. My mom and I were getting in the car and she said that we had to stop at Raquel's house because her mom had some cook book for her. But little did I know that was a complete lie. I started to walk in and her mom greeted us at the door " Oh by the way Raquel's in the back, she's playing with the chicken" she said. Oh Raquel's always with her little chicken. I don't know why but I am just not a chicken person they scare me so much. I was headed to the back door where I went to see Raquel. All of a sudden I saw every one videoing me and screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY!!". I was so shocked that my friends had thrown a surprise party for me. I was in such bewilderment I just stood there and I didn't know what to do. Everyone was in there bathing suits and I was like well they didn't think this through I don't even have a bathing suit. I looked at my mom and there she was holding a bag in her hands with my bathing suit in it. They had surprised me so much I was so happy. A year passed and some friends left but Raquel, Kaylee, and I always stayed together no matter how mad or annoying they got. Ninth grade was hard but our small group was having so much fun. Along our journey of our eighth grade year we met Lauren and Elle. They were the sweetest people ever and I was excited to see if they would stay with us throughout our journey too. We learned that Lauren was definitely the funniest person in our group. I began to come really close with Lauren. Lauren and I shared everything together even when she was dealing with her parents starting to fight a little, and she helped me with everything specially when I was stressing out so much and I was in tears. She helped me through all the late night studying sessions via FaceTime. Christmas time came around and our friend group de died that we should all do secret Santa. We were so excited and we held the little get together at my house to hang out and laugh and give each other our secret Santa presents. I got Elle and I was so excited to give her my present. I was super nervous that she wasn't going to like it. When Elle opened her present she scram out "Oh my Gosh RILEY this is the cutest thing ever". I was so relived when she scram out that she loved it. We all were beginning to become so close to each other. But for some reason Lauren and I just clicked more. We hung out all the time and she always made me laugh. A couple days later she found this app. It made a video for us and we got to design the characters and what they said. The first video they made was about me and this guy who we met on Halloween. But that's not the point. Lauren kept on making these videos and the last one she made was about Raquel and a guy that use to like her. Lauren so was funny and everyone loved the videos. Months had passed and it was time for cheer tryouts and I was getting kind of nervous for them because I just love the coach so much I don't want to disappoint her. And this year Kaylee was trying out with us. We were all so excited I am really hoping that I can make varsity this year, and all my friends can too. We all had a really good tryout and I was able to through my layout and my standing tuck for tryouts. It took so long for the tryouts results to come back in and we were all getting anxious. The results came in on a Wednesday and I was nervous because I had tumbling at 5:30 pm. We were all waiting around to see who got on what team. But we finally decided to look and see. I was so excited to see that I had gotten on varsity. But what I didn't realize was that Kaylee didn't make it on to varsity with us. I was so sad to hear that she wasn't going to be with us but at least she will be with us more because before she was never able to hang out with us because we all had cheer. I was so excited for the new things to come. I can't wait for our 10th grade year.

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