Suraj Vinayak Kashyap

High School Student

Patna, India

I had never ever thought about writing something, like, my lockdown experience, quarantined life. If you have asked me to imagine the world's population is on ‘lockdown', I must be liked Oh, Man don't be silly, this is impossible. I never expected it that i will experience this kind of situation in my entire life. In India, if you display any of the known symptoms of Covid-19 you are required to stay indoors for seven days, while members of your household are to stay in for fourteen. Everyone should be limiting their trips outside to the bare essentials. Workers not considered ‘essential' to the national effort are asked not to go to work; social gatherings of more than two people are subject to a blanket ban. Everyone is affected by this, everyone's way of life has changed dramatically in the last two weeks. Most of us will need to get used to spending a lot of time indoors, which is where that quote becomes relevant, as we close our doors and get better acquainted with our own interior lives. I am a full time student with some extra Cheese. In my school life I always love two holidays break (i.e. holyday just after the exams and summer holidays), But that evening of March 17th 2020 was different. I remember a sudden buzz from my school, which made me curious; I was informed that school was going to be closed because of Covid-19. The surging cases in the city had begun to create a sense of fear and anxiety, hence we were all relieved to receive the official notice of suspension of classes. When the first few cases of Coronavirus were detected in Patna, none of us expected it to be the hotspot of the virus. The announcement was certainly well-timed, as just a few days later, the govt of India announced the lockdown on March 22nd. The first few days went by as normally as it could. In fact, I was happy that I and my family would now get to spend ample time together. We are trying to add some fun elements into our lives by binge-watching Netflix and it is surely giving us a large dose of entertainment. Between all these funs, I also have some Assignments to do and somehow I have to attend my online classes. Homeschooling activities are really something which is the best part of this lockdown. We have a lot of fun during our online classes. Having said that, we tend to make our lockdown chores fun-filled as well. I put on the loud music and we create a happy environment, even when we are dusting off our abode. In fact, I thought of utilizing this free time to learn new and interesting stuff. For someone like me who hardly have any knowledge of cooking, it was an opportunity to impress my Master Chef Mother with some delicious. (She is an exceptional cook, no less than a chef). What's more, my experiment of making chocolate cake turned out to be great; thereby giving me the confidence in trying my hand at baking as well. I discovered I should keep experimenting with my skills more so often now. Besides, the period of this lockdown allowed me to keep in touch with my creative side. Despite being a passionate writer, I didn't ever have time to contribute to personal blogging. I started blogging and my creative self is happy now. Frankly, busy schedules never permitted me to flip through novels and books, but that is finally changing and I am now getting to read some interesting books, which is enriching my knowledge about several aspects of life. Needless to add, I am quite aware of the happenings in the world and the sad reality often dawns on me. Till now my closed ones are safe, but after seeing all the death cases in newspapers is really very disturbing. With so much going on, it is quite natural for negativity and anxiety to seep in, I find ways to engage my minds in some fun games and productive ideas so that we stay positive throughout. I am missing my good old days very much and praying for everything to get normal. I realise this extended lockdown has taken a toll on many, but, from where I see the world needs time to reboot and we should just wait for its grand opening again. Stay safe and Stay happy! Keep Smiling, Thank you so much for reading it.

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