The sun that appeared on dark days

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


I was born in 2004 in Tashkent which capital of Uzbekistan. Between 2010 and 2019, I attended one of the best school in my hometown. In 2019 and 2021, I graduated Tashkent chemical academic lyceum. In 2021, I was admitted to the finance department of Tashkent State Transport University and graduated first course. When I was 18 years old I tried to worked in different places to meet my own needs. From the beginning of 2022 july until now, I have been working as a sales manager in a Uninon company.

Yes dear ones you may be wondering if you, like some of my close acquaintances, are working in the field of finance and writing different stories, essays and poems in a completely opposite field but my interest in art is also from my personal profession stands out. Literature and art is a miracle of god that can lift my mood from 0% to 100%. I never like to be limited to one field.


The sun come up dark days

Jul 27, 2022 1 year ago

The bitterly cold days of winter were over, the rays of the sun rising from the horizon fell directly on my face, and the pleasant voice of the mom woke up me. While we are having breakfast, the news shows that the Covid-19 pandemic has been detected in the territory of Uzbekistan, which is a mistake that has been detected in most of the citizens, therefore quarantine has been declared in Uzbekistan, educational institutions have been closed and people should not go out unless necessary, was repeated over and over again on several TV channels. At first, we didn't pay much attention to it, my parents thought it was a great opportunity to relax, days followed by weeks, followed by months as if they were late for the train, and the quarantine was still going on. My friends said they were joining the volunteer ranks and they wanted to saw me with ownh them, of course my parents were against it and I didn't want to because I was worried about illnes and accidentally infecting my family members. But the fact that my fear is not in vain has been reflected in recent days. My grandmother and grandfather were taken to Zangiota as soon as it became known that the virus was detected and the bug got worse. It was certainly very painful for all of us, so the bright colors in my life began to be replaced by dark colors. In just two or three days in our neighborhood, the voices of mourning, people were unbroken in everyone's house. And now, I thought about in the morning, the sunlight falling on my window, the birds chirping, my mother's sweet voice waking me up again, my brother and sister arguing during breakfast, watching my father reading the newspaper, sawing my mother prepared breakfast for us one more time. These thoughts kept running through my mind. The days began to pass with these dreams, and the fact that my grandmother recovered and returned home gave some meaning to our lives. Now we began to wait see forward to my grandfather, we often talked to him on the phone. When I heard my grandfather's voice from behind the phone, my eyes would fill with tears, and those memories would pull me to their , I remember when my parents said go for see your grandfather, I always looking for excuses that there was a lot of work, and the TV , I didn't get off the phone. At that time, I regretted why I didn't appreciate my grandfather, but it was too late because he died of a virus. Now I was ready for everything to see my grandfather. One day, I saw old person was felt bad an I called an ambulance and they arrived in about 20 minutes. Fortunately, we arrived on time, the hospital was filled with children's and grandchildren's laughter, the number of people like me who lost their grandparents or parents due to our help to someone in the world will decrease, if I had joined the ranks of volunteers in time, more people's lives I decided to become a volunteer, during the quarantine, I delivered food, medicine, etc., so my life returned to its place. It's true that I am from my grandfather, but I feel that they are always with me. My grandfather brought me out of this darkness, like the sun shining in a dark night. Thanks to them, I learned to always help people and appreciate our loved ones at the right time. As long as I breathe, their images live with me.

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