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The writer at Where Introverts Talk is in her youth. She is a proud Indian. She believes in changing the world thorugh her writing but is currently struggling.

she started following her passion in elementary school. She has followed her goal ever since. Although struggling she still believes she can do it. As a result she has her works published in quite a few anthologies which she is proud of.

Finding biopage has been a blessing for her. She can express herself more comfortably now.

please support her in her goal.

P.S.-- she is an introvert whose voice is her words.


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To, The person who ruined my life. It was 15th August of the year 2019. I remember that, that day the whole of the nation celebrated two auspicious occasions- The Independence Day and The Raksha Bandhan. But that day was ‘special' to me for the whole other reason. You know why. I dressed myself in a beautiful chiffon saree which was orange, white and green in color; to honor the nation. I left my house to go to my parent's at 12 p.m. sharp. My whole family was there and we had a lot of fun. I was ecstatic. I tied a Rakhi on my brother's hand and just like that we had promised an unspoken promise of always being there for each other. In a blink of an eye it was evening and we had gathered around the dinning table, laughing our hearts out and eating the delicacies prepared by my mother. There was never a dull moment. There never is, when families are involved. After supper, I greeted my family goodbye and was ready to conclude my day. I was driving my way home, when my car stopped with a jolt. Me being me did not know the first thing about the working of a car and therefore called the mechanic. But that day being a national holiday, I could find none. My brother's cell rang for at least 5 times with no response. Evidently, everyone was busy. So were you, weren't you? My home was a 5 minutes walk. I looked at my watch. It was 8.30 in the evening. A ‘safe' time for women to travel alone. Therefore, I decided to walk. The streets were partially vacant with cars filled with happy families passing by every few minutes. I was contended. But faith or maybe You had other plans for me. Out of nowhere, you came from the bushes, like a predator attacking his prey. I was flabbergasted when you snatched my hand than my body with you. I could not comprehend what was happening. I fell on the ground. My mind went black. When I gained my focus back, you had already strangled me. I panicked and cried for help. But you had came prepared. My mouth was taped. My hands were trapped. I was now a typical damsel in distress. And you liked that, didn't you? You threw my saree away. My skirt and blouse followed next. I struggled to the fullest, but was soon numb to the pain. After you had your way, you got up and put your clothes back on. But I? I just laid there like a living corpse. My eyes were getting heavy and I thought that sleep would take this nightmare away. I do not remember the rest. Do you? It has been a year now. I know you are in prison. But I wish I were the one there. You may ask why. Because for sure, your hell is better than mine. I live with my parents now. They are still trying to marry me off as soon as they can. I am ‘impure', maybe that's why I have no friends left. I still wake up screaming at night. But my parents pretend they are deaf. Let me ask you about your night. Are they calm? Or are they as stormy as mine? My brother? My brother cannot look at me in the eye. Is he ashamed because I was raped or because he could not protect me? I don't know. We don't share what we feel anymore. How is your relationship with your sister? I ask you this because I remember seeing a Rakhi tied on your hand that night. Can she look at you in the eye? I wish I had another Rakhi to tie on your hand that night. Maybe then, I would be safe. Maybe then, I could still go out alone. Maybe then, I would still have my once bright future ahead of me. Maybe then, I would have my friends and family. But this is just my wishful thinking. I will tell you a fact: YOUR PLEASURE RUINED MY LIFE.

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