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How is it going !!!.My name is Alisher by the way. I am storyteller. I like conversations.

First things first, let me tell you briefly about myself. I was born in Uzbekistan, one of the richest and sunshine country in Central Asia. After graduating 9 year school I went to the college in 2016 up to 2019. Afterwards I studied at Bukhara state university on Tourism and Economics faculty. Now It is my fourth year of education in University. I like travelling, hiking,cycling,swimming, reading books,writing, learning new languages, playing games and so on. One of my biggest goals are to go to university and get my Master's degree in Tourism sphere and to go on a pilgrimage(Haj) with my parents. One more thing I am Muslim Alhamdulillah.


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Life is still ahead

May 04, 2023 1 year ago

March 2019.It was the time when I had just started studying in the first year of university. I am used to having breakfast listening to the news of the world from the TV in the morning. Then I went to the university by bus and I was out all day. I worked at the hotel called Nurefshan three days in a week on night shift.One of those days, I read the news about a mass disease spreading around the world from the messenger. This disease was COVID 19. On March 16 of that year, my country, Uzbekistan, was officially infected with COVID-19.It's coming. People were afraid and couldn't find a place to stay because of panic. The number of cases was increasing day by day. A week later, it was announced that the quarantine will be instituted throughout the republic.I had never seen sad situations like this in my life. All manufacturing, private or state enterprises were suspended.Streets are as peaceful as graveyard. People were standing in line at the shops and trying to buy food to survive during the quarantine. One day, I went to the store with a 15-year-old neighbor boy named Anvar to buy sugar. 30 people were waiting in line only for sugar. When our turn was approaching, an elderly man walking with a stick came and asked us “if I could get some sugar before you, my children, I am very tired of waiting in line”. We said “Okay.No problem sir”. Then all of a sudden the people behind us started arguing and dragged the poor old man aside. And I quickly took the sugar out of fear and wanted to run away. But my partner Anvar took pity on the poor old man, he shared half of the sugar with the old man. Then he seemed to be relieved. Two weeks after this incident, another unfortunate incident occurred. Every week we used to go to the mosque to pray as a group on Friday(Every Muslim must go to the mosque for “Juma Namaz” every friday).Quarantine in our country. Movement on the street was prohibited. If a police officer sees you they can even impound your car. Nevertheless, people used to go and pray to the mosque in secret. But I didn't go out that Friday, but a 15-year-old neighbor boy went out with a bicycle that his father had given him for his birthday, which he had wanted for a long time. On the way back after praying, security service officers arrested the boy and confiscated his bicycle. On self-examination, the child was found to have omicron. They informed his family and quarantined him and tried to treat him in the hospital, but unfortunately the boy could not cope with the disease. I couldn't stop the tears from my eyes . COVID 19 has taken so many people I know. This period was a period of great loss for me. It has been a period of loss for all of us. But life is still ahead, don't stop moving. We must continue to look forward to the bright future by picking ourselves up. And see you again.

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