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My name is Shaxzoda and i'm 15 years old.I have too many hobbies and i'm very curious about art.Also my major subject is economy which differs from my other interests . By the way,i am currently attending my second year of high school.


I recall that days as a nightmare , that no one ever realized what is going to happen next. Lockdown covered nothing but love, friendship and interaction among us. But there is something inside me telling ,that this was for the best and it had effected to every inch of our lives , which we never thought about. A lot of pain , diseases , screaming and people's panicking .That was real drama made by human being itself. It is wrong , that we always expect right things from nature if we do not act like this in return. Most people think pandemic was either punishment for all individuals , in order to make them respect the gifts were given to them or the period to be together with their close and dear ones. Also, it enlarged our relationships and honor towards our families. For the first time , public did not accept the rules and that is the reason why virus multiplied its influence. However , it was really hard way to persuade people stay in home and protect themselves , until the number of victims threatened them. The more it increased ,the more horrible it felt for us. Almost all organizations ,schools ,airways and other over-crowded places were closed for a while. People who came from overseas had to be in isolation for several weeks ,far from their home . Virus had an impact on our physical condition with simple symptoms of flu , which slowly damaged internal organs ,but from the other side the greatest pain was watching sick person's suffering and feeling hopeless. New challenges leaded to plenty of discussions between society, majority of pessimistic thoughts about illness' causations educated people to avoid truth by blaming the origin of the all issues. That means , it brought another argumentative considerations such as racism or abuse , while countries were in quarantine solving how to bring back citizens who were stuck in abroad . Earth saw millions of disasters for centuries ,all of the events ended with big losses for environment. A tiny creature with an unusual shape, which had anonymous genesis ,caused the enormous violence in a year. Factories and main industries had a mountainous complications conducted “Big bang” in the economical fields. Big part of the financial services were invested medicine and other affords to find out the cure. Scientists eventually created the vaccine , on the contrary it was little late after half of the innocent population died from the virus. Psychologically , depression and stress awfully breaks people and reduces energy of immune system. It was hard time for everyone: living under the risk of being infected or wasting time inside the box with boredom and an eternal worrying about their family .Thanks to government and other unions world succeeded in recreating cooperation and strengthening the will amid people.

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