Karagandy, Kazakhstan

I am enthusiastical 18 years old young future politician, who has tremendous willing to change that world at least in any field. The fast facts about me:

1) I can adapt very fast

2) My interest is caught by many different things, which might have nothing in common with each other

3) I think that debate is the way of life, and at the same time it is the thing frome which you can learn a dozens of new things

4) I always love to try something new and never stay in one place for too long. Because if you want to be open-minded, then you should travel a lot.

5) I can speak four languages: English, Kazakh, Turkish and Russian. And currently I am studying Chinese because I got tired of simple alphabets of previous languages that I have learnt. (Just wanted to try something new as usual)

Above all I have made a social project. The name of the project is (OICS) = Online Intellectual Care Schоol. The project is based on spreading the inclusive education among disabled youth via a speacial internet platform.

Hope these things tells about me everything



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Social crysis

Jun 19, 2018 5 years ago

I think that culture is highly important for our identity of who we really are in this entire world. Tradition, on the other side, is a combination of rules, set up by our ancient ancestors, thousands of years ago. From the time we were born, parents tell us that we have to respect our traditions and never show disobedience to the culture which creates our personality. Of course, I undoubtedly agree with all these statements and I am not against them, although sometimes people may cross this very slender frontier of tradition which prevents us from self-destruction. However, does any culture have a function or at least a possibility of self-destruction? Firstly, in the place where I live, children should listen to the elders and people always have to help their relatives, and I never showed anything but respect to these statements, until I realized that it somehow may lead to a fall of a country as a whole. Because sometimes relationship takes the higher position rather than law, in my motherland, our political and traditional notions are distorted. Actually, this distortion called “corruption” in the rest of the world, but in my motherland, it is called “good relationship” between you, your friends and relatives. Unfortunately, this so-called “good relationship” notion enhances its power day by day and does not give any way for a middle class to breathe, for instance. This whole thing means that you will never be able to say any word against the followers of “good relationship” and grow as a person because these followers also put their kind of opinion to the top priority level. The distortion that I am talking about is as same as a falling domino: when someone above you spreads this notion, the others who under their influence will flashily catch it. Basically, that is another way of dying for country. Consequently, this created rotting notion obviously affects labors as a doctors, police officers and teachers as well. As a person who previously had faced with a conservative kind of teacher in a primary school, who was highly affected and that is why never saw any alternatives in any issue or solution except her own, I can easily say that it is just a miracle when students manage to save their own personality and inner point of view. Alas, for the majority of students, who have tremendous desire to make a breakthrough, for instance, the reality of conservative teacher may become a stock in a river, which will block their natural personality in future and, as a falling domino, may cause other different artificial alterations. Moreover, the objectivity is not found as the most convenient way of observing or evaluating neither for this kind of teachers nor for their future narrow-minded followers. Following that, when this “highly educated” crowd look at you, they never recognize you as a person, because there is no other right view of life except their own “general view”. When they look at me, for example, they will never guess that I am a debater or writer, they see just another unit of a gear of a huge machine, which depending on their opinion, should work only by one single elaborated system, the system which never makes any progress. Frankly speaking, there is definitely no other way to change this situation except bringing a freshly new ideology. Unfortunately, to do so, students have to study abroad at first, and just after they had gathered an international experience, it starts to be more realistic to alter this notion. I love my motherland and do not want to see how minority part of people makes negative effects on the place where I was born and grown. So, for me, there is no better way except bringing the knowledge to my motherland from outside and finally make an alteration by persuading the majority that 2+2 does not equal to 5.

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Killers are not Psycos!

May 20, 2018 6 years ago

Killers are NOT a psychos! Many people believe that murderers, schizophrenics, rapists and others are crazy and abnormal people. I certainly do not agree that all of the things that these people do are acceptable, but have you ever wondered what is actually (normal) in this world? If you stay on the term (normal), it seems to me that its as well as the term (psycho) can not be used with an indication of someone or something, and in general this term is used incorrectly. You can prove this by the fact that we create (normality) only by ourselves, and all the rules that we can limit or make strong, only in our heads. Similarly, (the normality) is only a common thing held by majority BUT not all. And then where does the rest of the minority exist? For example, if for me getting up at 10 am is known as the normality and for others the normality is to wake up at 8 or 9, does this mean that I'm crazy just because most of the people get up not at the same time as I do? Now back to the killers. Why they and other people of this kind should not be called abnormal? This of course is only a subjective opinion, but it seems to me that these people are more likely to be called narcissistic than (abnormal). The reason is that these people have a desire to kill, which of course many of us do not have, but does this mean that their desire should be called abnormal, even if it is not quite orthodox for us, and if they still kill someone, then they automatically become narcissuses because they does not think about others and what concerns them. After killing someone they just calm their willings and satisfy their desires without thinking that others may suffer from that. Another example is that for each individual the notions as (bad) and (good) may vary rapidly, for instance someone think that alcohol is a life-long taboo and a huge sin on the soul, and for another it can be a method of spending free time with pleasure despite the threat for health. So do those whom we used to call (abnormal or psychotic) are really not normal? They are only trying to satisfy their willings, but of course for us it is a terrible act. In addition to this, they can not be called (psycho), since the psycho is a mentally ill person, who are schizophrenics and neuroticans, while the killers simply display not common wishes and embody their goals in life. But if so, then even schizophrenics can not be called abnormal, because for them seeing hallucinations is a normality, however, they can be considered as a group of people with mental disabilities (psychoids). Here I'm not trying to protect murderers or criminals, I just want to say that the word (abnormally or normally) can not be used at all, because different people can treat different things as normal or not, depending on their desire and point of view.

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