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What would come into your imagination when you browse the page of my life only to discover that l was nurtured by a family without any academic background for three generations or what would pop up into your mind when you learn that l started paying my tuition at a teenage age of 10 immediately after upgrading to grade 6? It’s such a venomous experience that would stimulate your tear glands to release an ocean of tears. By referring to the recommendations of several authors across the globe, it’s quite evident that their writings lean against what would positively inspire and raise the optimism of their audience , so l decide not to unfold and share my negatively detailed experience at school oscillating between elementary and university level.

Contrary, what would clearly resonate in your auditory receptors is that currently l’m a graduate seeking more opportunities to further my education in order to upgrade my knowledge and wisdom.

Throughout my working experience in the remotest parts of the African pearl, l will never regret having taught it to my high school students, instead, deep in my thoughts, l intuitively consider it the best thing l have ever done in my lifetime, blending the actual learning environment with a sacred statement that magnified the glorious nature and presence of God amidst our secular classroom environments. They hugged the idea with awe which eventually became part and parcel of their life, they would ultimately experience the reality of God and his intent upon co-partnering with them to impact and transform their own lives.

It happened at a splendid time when my classes were struck by silence, l vigorously replicated in an audibly eloquent manner “the cognitive mastery of the arithmetic operations of -1+1=3+ —3 is only important to children in their close partnership with God”. My classes were inspiring and would climax with plausible remarks.Upon release of the summative results by the National Examinations Board, the best done subjects would always be chemistry and French, l believe you can guess why, they constitute the subjects l had mastered, and of which l devoted my spiritual wisdom to teach.

Why inquisitively inflate and drain your mind with a couple of questions yet the answer is concretely simple to program in the mind of any human species ? Alright, let me unravel it in a blink of an eye, if you once experienced life in Africa, then your perspective of life is nigh intertwined with my own convictions, throughout my life trajectory at school, the ruined systems of our motherland logged and stumbled my ambitious journey to experience a knack of success, consistent imposition of afflictions on my life by the dark forces engraved my heart with irreparable scars.

If you have an occidental centered experience or you are an orient who has never traversed Africa, you might be right to have a different reflection and contradicting ideas about the magical charms and realities of the most Christianised continent. I wasn’t immune from gross turbulences that characterised my impoverished family. By God’s grace I managed to overcome all the stormy shocks that would deny me the opportunity to thank him for the breath of life and triumphing over my foes.

My soul still remembers the rhythmical heart pulse that l developed when l was entitled and tasked to draw a plan to save an NGO high school that constituted a 3 dilapidated classroom structure on a 2 acred parcel. The school was on verge of closure upon the decision of the board of governors.Following several meetings with 99% unanimous approval, one of the heartbroken board members stressed that it was more rational and cost effective to close the resource than incurring gross maintenance costs.

Not by miracle did I save this school resource, but rather by virtue of my outstanding leadership performance, and the desire to humiliate the instigator of fear and human weaknesses(Satan). At the threshold of the second year of my leadership while serving in two capacities as headteacher and program coordinator all stakeholders overwhelmingly rejoiced when the school transitioned to a multi million asset. Students enrolment quadrupled, investment increased astronomically, we procured more land and constructed 4 classroom blocks. l’m Limited by space to uncover it all, don’t get scared, when you get a chance to meetJulie Secrist, don’t ask her to share her insight on their new charity paradigm and community development strategy, you should instead engage her to unveil my innate leadership potential, sounding character and commendable work, l fervently believe, she will be amazed to tell you how my leadership efforts catalyzed the growth of their ministry, l mean she (Julie Secrist) is an American philanthropist and humanitarian, entrepreneur, the CEO and founder of Heed Children Limited. l respect her wisdom and outstanding character.

I would be the Jeff Bezos of Afric...


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Oct 13, 2020 3 years ago

*Simulating how to avoid conjugal conflicts and family unhappiness in a real life situation* During one of our training sessions on *Family happiness* as an integral part of our programs, we asked our trainees to watch one of the most informative videos at our disposal. Afterwards, we randomly tasked them to draw individual conclusions and share their insights with others. The results were amazing 😉 😉😉 👉Female spouse: What l can say, the message was very constructive, so powerful and very inspiring to conjoints, and to those preparing to fall into strong and resilient relationships. lt has motivated me to always have a fervent desire to change my behaviors and to love and reverence my husband. 👉Male spouse: Such a wonderful message is making an impact on my conjugal life, it's very insightful and challenging. I would think that its critical purpose is to reshape and refine conjugal behaviors, transform the character of the spouses, create effective conflict resolution pathways as well as consolidating conjugal relationships through respect, love and mutual accountability. The ultimate goal is to restore harmony and a flourishing family happiness! At Situka Alliance Initiative (SAl) Uganda, all our programs are centered on community empowerment through democratization of conjugal decision making process, gender parity and promotion of the wellbeing of families. Men are the hub of our success story in pursuit of our goals. Through community training programs, we build the capacity of men to be the champions, change agents and catalysts to the transformation of many livelihoods. Aggravate more details about SAI and its mega interventions; Situkaallianceinitiative.blogspot.com

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