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I'm a high school student that's dedicated to solving world issues and making a difference in society. Don't just envision your dreams, chase after them.✨

“Beep Beep,” my alarm clock perfused the room and woke my sleepy self with exasperation. It was another mundane cycle of attending online class, schoolwork, and to dread life. I pulled the covers over my head and allowed myself to be completely obscured from the world. I couldn't deal with this stress anymore, I was enervated. I tried to fall back to sleep, but I couldn't. I thought to myself, “When is life going to be back to normal?” “Beep Beep,” my alarm clock rang again. I was in no mood to wake up just to repeat the same cycle. “SOPHIA, YOU WILL BE LATE,” my mother screamed from the kitchen while I was still in my hazy state, hiding under the covers. “SOPHIA,” my mother hollered even louder in another attempt to rid my drowsy state. “Ughhh, do I really have to do this again?” I thought as I snuggled into my bed for another second. I eventually gave up and ripped my covers from my body. Each step I took cracked every bone in my body. My mind was still in the state of sleep and my eyes were still droopy. I glanced at the clock. 8:10 AM, it read. That was enough for the adrenaline to run through my entire body. “OH, I AM GOING TO BE SO LATE,” I cried and ran directly to the kitchen. My hair was an utter mess and I was still in my pajamas. My mom looked at me and shook her head in annoyance. “Here's your breakfast, hurry up now.” I gulped down my breakfast and trod straight to my bathroom. “I FORGOT TO BRUSH MY TEETH!” I exclaimed in disbelief as I stared into the mirror. Dark circles under my eyes. I frowned as I crossed my arms while staring at my own reflection. “Ew,” I said as I began to criticize every detail of the disgusting creature I saw in the mirror. It was clear that I had developed body dysmorphic disorder since the start of online school. I lost interest in everything as I stayed confined to my house. I had no energy to start another cycle of this turmoil again. I glanced back at the clock. 8:19AM, it read. I began to frantically panic and grabbed the nearest pullover and threw it on. I ran all over the house at such a rapid speed. I looked like an old lady that had just lost her dentures running around at 8AM. I reached for my eyedrops now, deliberately playing a game of aim trying to place these drops into my eyes. In the end, half of my eyedrops rolled off my cheeks and plopped onto the floor. I thought, “Yes, great precision”. I glanced at the clock one more time again. 8:29AM, it read. I turned on my laptop that I borrowed from school and made it just on time. 8:30AM, my laptop read. I joined the meet at the last second just to realize that it wasn't even worth joining. “Good morning class, review your notes and assignments I posted and have a great day. Goodbye,” my teacher said as she ended the meeting. “Seriously?” I asked in an annoyed tone and clicked on the notes she posted. The title read: AP Biology from 2003 and the assignment was 10 pages in total! I began to feel overwhelmed as I skimmed through the notes. “Seriously? All of this in one day! It's not even made by her!” I buried my face in my hands and felt even more stressed out. I repeated this same process of teachers posting an insane amount of schoolwork and wishing us a great day for the next 6 hours. “Yeah, such a great day doing all this work,” I mumbled under my breath. I felt like procrastinating to ease my mind and scrolled through my Instagram page. All sorts of ethereal models showed up on my explore page and I felt downgraded immediately. I closed out the app just to find my brother standing next to me holding his Ipad with his homework out. At the same time, my friend began to Facetime me and I hesitantly picked up the call with my brother wailing for me to help him with his homework. After hours of talking, there was no time to procrastinate. I threw my phone on the bed and told myself to just finish my schoolwork. “Sophia, your brother needs your help,” my mom said as she peered into my room with my brother beside her. I was furious, stressed, and annoyed with the world already. “Fine”, I said and scrolled through my laptop just to see “More mutations of the coronavirus are now spreading”. I sighed and I looked out my window, gazing at the beautiful trees and the freshly mowed lawns. “Such beauty,” I thought to myself. But, we were all trapped inside our houses, distant from nature, away from luminosity. I glanced back at my laptop and saw my piling schoolwork and the endless responsibilities I had to do. I took a step back and took a quick deep breath. I turned on my favorite songs and looked out the window. It did feel quite nice to step away from all the stress. Even through the toughest times, there is still a way to feel comfort and ease. That night I laid wide awake in my bed with my playlist still playing in my headphones and thought, “There's beauty everywhere you just have to find it”. With that, I smiled and closed my eyes to sleep peacefully because tomorrow will be better.

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