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Benoni, South Africa


The first love of my heart has always been creative writing and I have always written ever since I was a small girl of five writing badly spelled 'stories' in my mother's phone books. I've always been drawn to fantasy and mystical fiction, sci-fi and magic realism. I think of story telling as myth-making and have been inspired by great epic works like Dante's masterpiece as well as by writers like Neil Gaiman who is my muse.

I am currently a lecturer and researcher of English Literature at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa, and have had the great fortune of writing about and teaching a variety of poems and novels for many years.

I never stopped writing novels and am in the process of touching up a few. I am passionate about reading (all types of books) and am excited to join this community of up and coming writers: I am brimming full of stories that I'd love to share.


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