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I am 13 years old winner of the Gen writers club best research certificate 2020. I'm from Chad but living in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, I study at a Filipino school.


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An Era of Fiction

Dec 30, 2020 2 years ago

Part | : CE / Common Era In the early 2050s a horrible ingrease of the greenhouse gases changed the coldest place to a dessert and the hottest place into no where. The population had overcome the capability of earth's blank for people to mainly live in houses in the underground and increased the production of Vitamins D and C, now your asking why C also. Most of the plants have lost some of its nutrients because of the new grow lights that grows plants very fast . Before Most grow lights provide full-spectrum light. Most of the light plants use is from the blue ("cool") and red ("warm") ends of the spectrum; they use little yellow and green light. Blue light stimulates vegetative growth (foliage and roots) while red light stimulates plants to produce flowers and fruit. But now there is only red that works. Lately in the middle of the 2070s America had a problem in the presidental elections The Is became more known as SS or the Splited States and started a civil war between the two sides of the "SS" but accidentally the democratic side thrown a nuclear bomb to Canada. Most the other countries thought that Canada was very weak to reply the bomb to the "SS". But Russia, Germany, France, and Greece created the "UAF" or the Union of Arms Forces to revenge for Canada and stop the war in America. Later in an Investagation of the WorNaCop (World's National Cops) appeared to be not a mistake of the democrates but a terrorism by the Mafia. After the UAF knew about it they declared not to get involved until the start of 2090 but the democrayes got angry and shot all of their 4 nuclear bombs the UAF countries but the mafia again interrupted and the bombs ended hitting China, Mexico, UK, and Egypt making it World War |||. Countries involved are Egypt, Greece, Russia, France, Germany, China, UK, and Mexico. But a 30 more countries joined. In 2103 The "SS" returned to US and the countries returned to normal. Just one month has passed and the WorNaCop started searching for the Mafias who interrupted the nuclear launches. The WorNaCop started with who is responsible for the launching. General George Cooper was the one responsible for it, he gave the information of all the steps from the Idea to the launch. After several weeks the detectives found out that there was a hidden room directly under the launch room they found out the General's fingerprints including his two Guards. They were arrested immediately and got a DEATH Penalty. His wife the other day Assassinated the Judge who was responsible for her husband's dead. This time the FBI Chased her but no one of them were sown ever again...

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