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Hello! My name is Tara and I am here to write. I write about what inspires me, what fills me with passion, and what finding a "daily dose of happy" means to me. My hope is that through my writing I can inspire others to find happiness, explore their passions, and live their best possible life.

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Who am I? I am mom to 2 of the best boys anyone could ever hope for, and wife to an exceptional partner in crime. I live in the cutest little town called Ladysmith, and work as an education assistant.

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Today is ok.

Jun 25, 2021 1 year ago

Today is ok. It is not March of 2020, the beginning of a global pandemic. I am not hunkered down at home, fearing for my life, fearing for the lives of my family and friends, fearing an unknown virus that we know nothing about. Anxious, emotional, and uncertain of what's to come. I am not afraid to breathe the air, debating if a hazmat suit would be appropriate attire to wander the grocery store. It is not the day we canceled our wedding plans, nor is it the day we canceled our trip to Europe. I am not lost in a sea of self-pity, crying ugly tears, wallowing in my sadness and guilt. Guilt of feeling so broken by material things. Guilt that while the world is suffering and people are dying, I'm sad I can't gather with my family and friends to celebrate, or get on an airplane. Selfish reasons. Today is ok. It isn't May of 2020, the beginning of hitting my stride as a home-schooling mom! Today we didn't make volcano science experiments in the backyard, nor did we build a bug hotel or utilize recycled materials to build a robot. We haven't spent hours crafting up stick families or pom-pom pets, building a birdhouse, or having fun with flags. We certainly didn't make math fun by building structures with toothpicks and marshmallows. Snack time did not consist of monster treats, and lunch was not a three-course picnic in the backyard. Today we did not have fun while learning, leaving us with lasting memories. It isn't June 13th, 2020, a day that we will forever celebrate! Our wedding day, plunked right in the heart of a pandemic. A day that was filled with love and celebration, amidst a world of chaos. It was a day that went very differently than originally planned, but was still pure perfection. Our parents and closest friends gathered in the backyard of our new home to celebrate with us, family and friends present with the help of zoom meetings. My son walked me down the aisle, so handsome and grown-up. A toast and announcement of a little brother on the way! It was a day that had all the ingredients of a natural high. A high that I could ride on for months, and forget about all the darkness in the world. Today is ok, and I reflect on the lessons we have learned. In the past year, we have spent endless quality time together as a family. Zero rushing around. Zero stress trying to keep up with deadlines, schedules, recreational activities, and social gatherings. I haven't had to make dinner as fast as possible, just so everyone can go about their separate plans. Instead, we have made many dinners together as a family. We have played many board games, and spent many days playing in the backyard. We've had time to get creative, learn new things, and make time for our individual hobbies that we don't often have time for amidst a busy schedule. Our limitless free time has given us the ability to sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures. What if we take this crisis and turn it into a learning curve? What if we take this time to reflect on what REALLY matters? Sure the activities and social gatherings will resume, but what if we ensure we regularly carve out time to once again enjoy those simple pleasures within the walls of our own home. I certainly don't miss having a week go by in a blink, without feeling like I've spent a single moment enjoying life. Think about it. What makes you happy to be alive? What makes your soul sing with gratitude? Make time for these things. Make time for the people you love. It's your life, might as well enjoy it. Yup, today is ok :)

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